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[Game] Project Drift 2

Project Drift 2 Design your own car and show the difference!

Super drift cars with powerful engines offer you admirable performances on asphalt.

5 different driving modes. Choose the one that suits you best!

Get ready to play this game for hours!

Custom JDM cars
Unlimited vehicle designs
More than thirty drift cars
Unique drift maps
Smoke and speed animation while drifting
Customize controls by player
Hundreds of attachments for each vehicle

Rooms full of real players
Choose your room and enter the game
Show off your skills and challenge your friends in online rooms
Earn points and rewards while drifting
Show off your car by changing parts, colors and decals

Unique driving experience in different roads and cities
Race tracks
Tunnels, parking lots and tandem runway areas

Replace bumpers, lights, hoods, mirrors, wheels, car paint, decals, neons and more
Use the photo studio to see and share changes of your vehicle

Upgrade your car’s engine, gearbox, turbo, top speed and brakes
Make your car drift better by choosing its suspension, wheel angle, air pressure and more

Pro Arcade
Pro Drift

Make sure you are connected to the internet
When starting the game please register
All earned game money and purchased cars are saved in your profile

Project Drift 2 user reviews :

So far, the game is pretty easy to grasp and epic to run. Love the art style, no purchases required to start having fun off the rip. Great selection of. Customization and lobby type multiplayer is cool. Controller ready also but would love to see mapping options or maybe I haven’t looked hard enough for it. 10/10 would love to see more cars beyond the main staples of society and see regular racing put in and this would be the best car game of all time. Reminds me of drift city from BITD

Hands down, I have to say, this is one of the most impressive drifting games on Android I have seen. It does a solid job at offering both semi-realistic drifting experience to even an absurdly arcade-ish drifting experience. Through and through, this game has a lot to offer. My only “complaint” or suggestions that there needs to be more vehicles or some kind of build-your-own ride using various template parts, rather than buying a pre-built one.

Having played this game for a few hours, I am thoroughly enjoying it. Graphics are great for a game that is free to download. Loads of modifications (probably more than your average console game). Plenty of levels and can play online as well. Would like to see this on Nintendo Switch, would definitely pay for it if it was. Only down side for me is the steering controls as I keep on missing the screen buttons  (not developer fault).

This game is awesome and definitely worth playing! It has cool customization features, and has a few older muscle cars, and you dont have to grind away to earn coins and dp to purchase other cars, parts, upgrades, etc! I just hope they develop some more tracks to select for racing along with the drifting too! Overall a different unique experience worth downloading, if not keeping!

Nice game but. The problems is the cost from making a room. It would be better if it’s the dp instead of coin that is needed to make a room, its hard to earn coins. Another, there’s no way I can search for someone and add him/her as a friend. It would be better if the game has a “look for friend” or “add a friend” or “search for a friend”.

This game is best car drifting game available for Android!!! I love playing Project:Drift 2.0!! The quality and graphics of this game is outstanding!! The gameplay is also great, but you have to add more modes in offline mode. Otherwise, it’s a good game for Android!! The daily Rewards are great and give so much dp and gold! It is a good game for time pass!! I have truly fantastic experience!!! Thank you for the game!

Great game over all. Widebody should be separate with front and rear bumpers. I wish we had a color wheel instead of choosing with arrows. Needs front lips and rear diffuser options. More exhaust pipe options and exhaust fire options seperate. More larger wheel sizes. More low. Needs option to move wheels further in body or out body. No changes needed in economy stand point.

The game is good,so like 9/10,but the new update,is not that good,the tire durability I can work with but why fuel,we need coins to refuel,if we don’t have that now what do we do,we need to restart from square one,so please see a way to fix this,the 3 coins ad ain’t gonna help you know,so pls fix this,but overall the best mobile drift game the drifting mechanics are good,and the gearbox system is great,I recommend everyone to use manual,cuz automatic can’t do reverse drifts,so yea good game.

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