Drift Factory – Modifying the entire car shape

[Game] Drift Factory

Drift FactoryDrift Factory, realistic drift cars game in open world with high graphics and exciting challenges and (free play style)

Free Play in Open World without barriers or breaks
Real cars models
realastic cars interiors
Adjust car tuning
Modifying the entire car shape and upgrade its engine
Six Adjustable Control specifically developed for better control
Full modification of the game interface
Large hybrid roads with hundreds of moving cars
drift between cars and collect money to buy your car
Modify and decorate your car while driving and make the best weight
It is a hybrid of cars in an open world
The game works on all devices
drift games free mood in open world
drifting game cars Arabic way

Rate the game today and tell us your opinion.

In emerging updates:

Add a large cars group
Add a large selection of cars for sneezing
Enlargement of the open world by endless streets of the surrounding and areas of the cataclysm
More modification to the car and the addition of special stickers
Challenges of surfing and chatting online with friends

And more in upcoming updates.

Drift Factory user reviews :

Hello, this game is good but, there is something missing and something thats just ridiculous. First of all I would love to see customization for the body, more cars, and decreased prices for items. Secondly the car control is awful. I know this is a drift game but come on! You can’t press the gas pedal without the car just completely losing control. Even the slightest tap of the steering buttons just ends in disaster. I would also like a steering wheel to control the cars. But overall good game

Great game but u should add multiplayer and also add more sport cars , suv and sedan with retractable spoilers then I would give it 5 stars , thank u so much I love the is the best

I love this game and I would give it 5 stars but I wished if there was a multilayer mode, it would make a lot of fun but overall its an amazing game

This is a great little arcade-style drifter. Easy to pick up, good vehicle customisation (though bodykits would be nice) and an interesting car selection. If you’re looking for a super technical drift simulator, look elsewhere, but if you’re looking for a casual game to slide around and kill time, this game excels.

Nice game. The mechanics are nice. Would give 5 star but 2 things let me down, FPS capped at 30 and I am unable to make it 60fps even changing around the graphic settings. Another thing is, there needs to be more car choices. Overall amazing game and I really like it.

The game need improvement in control and graphic, I’m sure you can do better. When you press and keep the gas, the car dritf itself, not good. Large city and map.

I love this game! Please add hands on steering wheel. And i found a bug, when i put on steering wheel control and when i turn it the camera goes up and down, please fix that bug. Add more cars like Nissan Sunny 2010, Madza 3 2010, Toyota Supra Mk4 and Mk5, Cheverlot Cruze and Caprice. Add more modifications. Please consider my review

Not in English, y is it in another language, I’m in Australia & no options, ads & ads & ads again constantly. No ty, my son downloaded this game & I removed it straight away. Please google playstore make sure the games in my country r in English or have English options, worries me that I could b signing up for anything & not know.

Guys you are the best in the industry. But I wish I could play some music in the game while driving. The whole thing keeps me hooked. ..unbelievable stuff. Maybe ad motion blur for hi speed.

Awesomw but can you add a new camera position while drifting? It is kind of hard to drift where you want to go but overall game is awesome we need more cars and more Lowering car options

really nice game nice sounds nice interiors nice exhuast effects and sounds nice cars nice graphics if i can put 10 stars i will but it need more work like fully customazation like bumper hood skirt exhuast and the wheeles not the rims and led under the car and add more cars like bmw mercedes …old and 2018 and 2019 cars models but its really fantastic game

Love it especially the physics but needs bodykits day and night working headlights needs bettet variety of tuner cars not trucks and big vehicles the car list is not good but keep adding things and ill keep the game needs open city not just highway

The game is very beautiful. Exhaust sounds, personalization, extremely high graphics, various maps and….. Thank you for your effort.

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