Protect my Love – Can you bridge the gap between the two of them

[Game] Protect my Love

Protect my Love  Find your perfect anime girlfriend in this unique bishoujo game from Genius Studio Japan!

You’ve made your living as an assassin and are well-known throughout the underground for your skill.

One day, you take on what seems like an easy job. Assassinate three wealthy targets before another organization can get to them. You infiltrate their mansion, ready to complete your mission only to find out the targets are three orphaned sisters that have inherited a fortune…
You decide to abandon the mission, but before you can leave, an assassin from another organization attacks! You easily dispatch of the attacker, but the three sisters approach you with an offer.

“Will you be our bodyguard?”

You don’t usually accept these kinds of offers, but they promise to pay you with all of their fortunes. More than the money, the girls remind you of your long lost sister and you decide to take the offer.

Will you be able to protect the sisters…?


Julia – The Mature Oldest Sister
The oldest of the three sisters, Julia can come off a little terse at times, but she cares deeply for her sisters and will do anything to protect them. Even use you! She tends to shoulder all of the burdens, but will you help her be able to learn to trust others more?

Cindy – The Energetic Second Sister
Cindy’s the wild one of the bunch, but she’s not a fan of how Julia always treats her like a child. However, she does hold a secret admiration for her older sister’s sense of responsibility. Can you bridge the gap between the two of them?

Katie – The Quiet Youngest Sister
Though quiet on the surface, Katie wants to find the murderer of their parents more than anything. She harbors some resentment towards her sisters for not being as proactive about it, but will you decide to help her on her mission?

Protect my Love user reviews :

I really like the game because its like a choice game, but you have to protect people. The only things that I didnt like was that some choices you would want to make cost rubies, and when your done with a chapter you have to use a ticket to continue on. The only way to get rubies and tickets is to play other games, and get points from that, and than buy more rubies and tickets, which are both really expensive. Overall, the story was AMAZING, but not the whole rubies and tickets system.

Your games are really, really good. The whole story is wonderful. I think all of your games are beautiful. Your games have changed my heart. Wow, I’m in love, but the endings are painful. I wish there were no endings in your games. Actually, I think that your games are more than a game. I truly loved it. I wanted to say more but it would exceed the word limit. Thank you.

I have tbh here overall the storyline is solid, But the progress is slow. I’ve seen countless of comments describing the currency/progression of the game. You literally have to sacrifice a part of your self to keep going and playing these types of games. It ain’t half bad nor good and that’s why I gave it a three . A P.s to the devs there please make a another method towards of regrading how the players react to your game. It might be just an improvement. That’s all ty.

When I played it then I absolutely loved it. The story was great and there weren’t random google ads so I can understand the need for making buyable stuff like tickets or gems. I don’t understand the people that give the game 1 star ratings cause they’re ungrateful douche bags. The 3 girls were all interesting and very cute and lovable. The game was good in length and I liked it alot. Hope whoever reads this and thinks of playing tries it out. Thanks for another great experience.

I love this game But it is very very sad that the story is so short I am not fomqpling about the Time you have to wait to get a ticket I honstley Think the story is very very short I finished it in a Day and a half I am so sad that they don’t also show there after life I fell very sad that they did not make it longer plz make the story longer for all your game all your games are honstley so good well This is the best game almost made my cry when it ended I have never cryed over A game

I have to say that I thought at first it was just another random thing but. I have to admit that this has a great story and great characters loved the twist near the end. And I also think that if you Tweek it just a little I’d say it could be a great movie infact. I would love a movie of this but probably won’t happen but a person can only dream.

This game is sooooo good the only thing is gems are so hard to get u have to count 1 sec 2 sec 1 sec to get it right every time but it’s to hard make it easier pls I never thought I would finish in 2 weeks

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