Protectors Shooter Legends – Fate of the world now rests on your shoulders

[Game] Protectors Shooter Legends

Protectors Shooter LegendsDo you like shooter games with many guns, epic shooting battles, and courageous heroes?

Protectors: Shooter Legends is a third-person action shooting game with fun shooting battles, unique heroes, different arenas, and a lot of guns. If your fan of multiplayer FPS and TPS shooter games – it’s a game for you.

Clash with other players in new mobile 3D TPS with never-ending battles and shooting action. Take a gun, choose a unique hero and let’s go! Use different fire strategies and tactics in explosive online games on a variety of maps.

Unlock and upgrade dozens of powerful heroes, each with their own unique guns and abilities. Fight battles in different game modes. That game can be PvE shooter or PvP shooter if you want. You wanna be a sniper? Become him! Choose a hero with a sniper rifle and shoot your enemies from a range! Shoot up rank points, experience, and hero-buff tokens. Upgrade up your heroes, storm into battles, and shooting your enemies!

This online third-person shooting game has stylish and juicy 3D graphics with crazy ability effects that will blow your mind.

Welcome to the future! Humankind’s mastery of science has brought about an end to our greatest challenges. War, hunger, poverty and other horrors of the “barbaric past” have been left behind in the 21st century. Advances in medicine have increased life spans and enhanced everyone’s quality of life. Scientists have managed to discover immense sources of incredibly potent Energy on earth which weaves through the very structure of the universe.

Wielding this energy makes it possible to influence space and even time, and one source point is sufficient to power the entire planet. However, the Energy can only be accessed and exploited by an intermediary – a living person with the ability to sync to it. This ability has been dubbed The Gift. Those with The Gift are extremely rare, and highly specialized equipment is required to enable synchronization.

At this moment, when humanity is poised on the brink of a major triumph in history, a great threat to our very existence has been discovered. Members of a previously unknown advanced alien civilization, capable of mimicking the appearance and abilities of any human, have infiltrated our power structures and institutions. Little is known about them, other than their main objective: to establish full control over the Energy sources. These creatures are, in a word, our Enemies. Humanity has scrambled to respond and in deep secrecy has launched an initiative with the code-name of “Protectors”, whose goal to ascertain the origin of the Enemy and save humanity from a dire fate.

Key game features:

10 exciting game modes;
thrilling 4v4 PVP shooting battles with players from all over the world;
PVE gaming mode;
regular events and shooting tournaments;
huge variety of striking characters;
stunning locations;
a lot of guns;
a lot of heroes with unique abilities
captivating plot and storylines.

Do you like cool online shooter games? Call of your duty and jump into the action and enter the battle strike right now. It’s totally free to play!

Experience the agony and ecstasy of being a great hero… Responsibility for the fate of the world now rests firmly on your shoulders. Persist and prevail!

Protectors Shooter Legends user reviews :

Graphics are good, but noticed a bit of lag in the movement. Additionally, this game is somewhat disguised as a PvP shooter; it’s more of a single player game (There’s not much of a real challenge as your playing against bots). When playing, the season/s doesn’t change either, so it’s easy to max out your characters’ while playing!

I really liked the game (even though the description says it’s pvp, but it’s actually against bots and the only “pvp” aspect is leaderboards in ranks). I played it everyday. I completed the Protector’s Way. I even bought and completed the Season Pass. After the ranks update I reached the highest rank. But now there’s nothing to do here… Maybe will change the review after there’s a new update.

Fun game, but not PvP. Opponents are bots. Game is still relatively new, so hopefully will improve with time & become true online PvP.

Haven’t played much yet, but already it has the feeling of a fun game. The autoaim can be a bit clunky, but otherwise this is a great game. A mission system could encourage more people to keep playing, and some way toward gems for free would be appreciated, maybe through watching ads or playing a lot.

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