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War Thunder MobileFight using legendary military vehicles in this new mobile PvP MMO combat game!

Air, naval and ground vehicles fight together on the same battlefield, just like real battles. All ships, tanks and aircraft in War Thunder Mobile look and function exactly like their real world counterparts, gameplay is fast and exciting, and players can easily control their awesome machines of war.

Explore military history by experiencing dozens of authentic vehicles from the USSR, Germany, France, Japan and the United States (more nations will come in the future). Progress through the game, unlock better equipment, optimize your ammunition types and customize gear to increase your chances of dominating the battlefield.

Pick your favorite vehicles and experiment with a lineup of machines to find what suits your play style. There are 100+ ground vehicles, warships and aircraft available currently, and in the future the game will constantly be receiving more and more legendary authentic military vehicles. There are plenty of options to customize and modernize your tanks and planes to fit your style.

Dominate the battlefild alone or together with a squad of your friends!


Every battle is unique. Players rely not only on their own weaponry, but can also call for air support or artillery strikes, or fall back behind a smoke screen.

A variety of maps. Battles unfold in the most diverse and dynamic battlegrounds representing the main combat theaters of the 20th century.

Stunning graphics and realistic physical damage models. The game is optimized for all devices. Enjoy eye-catching surroundings on each battlefield, highly detailed tank models and powerful explosions sending destroyed turrets flying into the air. Manual graphics settings will help you strike a balance between fantastic visuals and high FPS.

War Thunder Mobile is the only free online multiplayer mobile game that allows you to experience authentic military vehicles accurately and comfortably. Hurry up, download the game and head into battle!

War Thunder Mobile user reviews :

From what I have played so for, it seems really fun. It’s nice that you start with some higher their things, instead of the sturat, and bt-5, etc, and that you get them at the start. The controls are pretty simple, you have to get used to them though, I did pretty fast, and they work ok. Turning at a stand still didn’t seem to work as well. On the plane, It was kinda of hard to tell which thing was to shoot the rocket and to drop the bomb.

  • Thank you for the great feedback! In the future in War Thunder you will find a lot of interesting things: new vehicles, modes, maps, events and much more. Stay tuned, update your game and enjoy your victories!

This is a more strategic war game, a little buggy, and the controls are a little hard to use, but not bad for a new release. I haven’t seen any option for the planes, but I’m still fairly new so I’m unsure if it eventually unlock. Tank battles do feel fast-paced but the controls are holding this mode back, but there is some customization. Ship battles are fun, and they offer a more strategic method of combat than tank battles do. Overall, not a bad game, but it does need improvements

Loving it. Gave the game a second chance and I do not regret it. Ofc the game still has some bugs here and there, but other than that, gameplay is fine. I left one star out because this game would really shine if you guys added an air battle mode, though i’m sure that’s going to be added eventually. Another cool feature would be the ability to choose your air support instead of being given a random plane for extra immersion. oh yeah, add replays too

I would say this game is amazing for its graphics and it’s developing. As well as the fact that is can be buggy and the controls are a bit out of place I would say this game can reach up to the level of the console war thunder. Something I would change though is the zooming in when aimed down the sight we need a setting so we can customize the controls to where we want them thank you.

For a new game its absolutely great! The issues are that it has some optimization problems, and mostly the controls. (For tanks) The forward and backwards controls are acceptable but the turning is pretty bad. There should absolutely be a realistic mode like in the actual pc/console game, because the skill would matter way more. However the game has a lot of potential! A just a few fixes, and listening to the community, I think it will be an awesome game.

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