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Proton CalendarProton Calendar is an easy-to-use planner and a time-management tool that keeps your schedule private

Additional Highlights
Schedule planner syncs automatically across browsers and devices
Create recurring events on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or custom basis
Use as an appointment scheduler in local or foreign time zones
Manage up to 20 calendars (paid feature)
View your agenda from the home screen with the Proton Calendar widget
Add multiple reminders for any event
Use as a daily planner or monthly planner by switching between different views
Choose to view your event schedule in dark mode or light mode

No ads, no trackers, and no data sharing with any third parties
We can’t spy on your activities or misuse your data
End-to-end encryption — fully encrypted data exchange between Proton Calendar users
Zero-access encryption — event names, descriptions, and participants are encrypted on our servers
Based in Switzerland 🇨🇭 — All your data is protected by strict Swiss privacy laws

Building an internet that puts people ahead of profits
Funded by users, not advertisers — privacy is our business model
Built by scientists and engineers who met at CERN and MIT and founded Proton Mail
Used by high-profile journalists and organizations globally
GDPR and HIPAA compliant
Based in Switzerland and protected by some of the world’s strongest privacy laws

What others say about Proton Calendar
“Proton Mail has now made it stupid-easy to encrypt your schedule. Information about what you plan to do, where, and with whom, can be just as sensitive as the messages you send and receive.” Gizmodo

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Proton Calendar user reviews :

I’ve been using Proton services for a while. I love that they are stable and that they are “not Google”. I would like to have the option to use different colours for different events. I would also like to have a yearly view of the calendar. The ability to choose the colour for weekend days it would be nice, too.

  • Hi Andrei! Thank you for taking the time to review our app. Features such as color-coded events and a yearly view are on our roadmap and we’ve added your vote to them as well so our team can prioritize implementing them in the future. We always appreciate our community’s feedback and we’ve documented your requests internally.

Unfortunately this app just isn’t reliable. Transfer from another provider isn’t working & looses allot in the move. It also doesn’t have a pin/bio lock! Why not? Is it not private information like Drive, Pass & Mail? I can open calendar, VPN, unchallenged & change/read/copy anything, even uninstall! The theme flow is perfectly aligned with PROTON & few more tweaks it will be perfect. Assuming the present UI team don’t get to it first and remove all the useful functionality it’s almost a 5 star

  • Hi there! Thank you for taking the time to review our app. Could you report these issues to us at so we can look into this? We’ll add your +1 for adding the ability to lock the app with a PIN/FaceID so our team can prioritize implementing this in a future update.

I really love using Proton products, although the calendar is particularly frustrating. Theres no way to color code calendars without makibg a whole new calendar list. This would be a huge improvement because i share a calendar and it would be easier to distinguish between our activities without making several shared calendars between us as well as having several personal calendars to distinguish as well. Theres also huge limitations on the app vs desktop. I hope these features improve!

  • Hi there! Thank you for your review and feedback. We’ve received this request before and we’ll add your vote so our development team can prioritize this in a future update. If you have any additional suggestions on what we can do to improve, feel free to contact us at to let us know.

Just downloaded it to try before upgrading to paid versions. Ive been using free email and VPN so I thought if calendar is as good as current one that I use…I’ll upgrade to full paid suite. However, there is no color labelling for calendar events and that’s something I use a lot. I have all my employees shifts on one calendar with their own color label. As well as my personal/business appointments with certain colors. I’ll have to wait on this product until they integrate color labels

  • Hello! We’ll add your vote for this existing feature request internally to help our team with prioritization. As a workaround, you can create multiple calendars with different colors as each event inherits the calendar’s color. If you have any additional suggestions, contact us at to let us know.

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