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[Game] Punchy Race

Punchy Race Are you ready to fight for the jelly blob championship belt?

It’s high time you put on your boxing gloves and get stronger! Run around & collect dumbbells to level up and fight other boxers in the incredible io fighting arena! Become the world-famous blob fighter in Punchy Race!


Run in the arena and collect small dumbbells that suit your blob color! The more gym equipment you collect, the more muscular your blob becomes! You must train & raise the strongest fighter to win any boxing battle!


In this punching game, your goal is to get down all the fighters that guard roads and bridges to the final boxing arena. You should keep in mind the level of your opponents, so bring up your blob fighter to the highest level possible to beat the sum of the guards’ levels.


Remember, there are other jelly fighters trying to kick you off the punching game arena! Be careful and don’t clash with the opponents, unless your level is higher than theirs. Run, grow and fight to become the last one standing!


Wanna look at cool fighting in the io game arena? Fight others, complete new levels and earn coins to unlock new super-duper skins for your blob fighter! Show everyone your exceptional style!

Why you’ll love this io fighting game:

Addictive run & fight gameplay
Fun punching games experience
Cool blob runner game
Tons of levels to complete
Easy controls to fight & punch
Bright casual 3D graphics
Relaxing ASMR sounds
Dozens of hilarious skins

Your blob boxing champion belt is waiting for you! Play one of the most addictive punching games ever! Download Punchy Race now for free!

Punchy Race user reviews :

Horrible!!!!! Adds every 5 seconds!!! Impossible to play!!!! Don’t bother downloading unless you just want to watch adds all day. Not over reacting, literally an add every 5 seconds!!!!

  • Hello! We are sorry that you feel upset with our game. Our game is free and we need the money that ad gives us. We do our best to minimize it to the comfort of our players. We also have option of “No ads” if you want to support us. Wish you good day!

Far far too many ads. Gameplay is nothing special. Ads are fine but before, in the middle of, AND after a round is silly.

  • Hi! Our team is trying to provide a quality product and we’re glad you like the game. We will try to solve your issue in the shortest time possible. If you have any suggestions for improving our app, send them to info@aigames.ae. Thank you!

This game is good. Ads are ok but why are the ads is in the middle of the game?! I almost win but the make me not win!! WHY is a great game but too much ads! You need too fix the ads.

  • Hi! Thank you for your feedback. It is very important for us to receive feedback from our players, as this helps us develop the game. We will definitely listen to you. Keep playing and stay tuned!

Maybe just a thought turn your devices wi-fi off so you don’t get adds

Not worth it game is absolutely glitchy ads everywhere and also ads in middle of game interrupting the game itself. On top of that there is multiple ads in a single lvl that interrupt the game not only one but multiples. Sometimes won’t even move and ai is dumb I’ll b in front of an enemy the enemy walks away and then it punches after enemy has already left when it is supposed to have an auto punch when near enemies

  • Hello! We are sorry to hear this, but to continue work on this free game we need revenue from Ads. If you don’t want to see the Ads you can purchase the Pro version. Thanks for your understanding!

The most ads of any game I’ve ever played. One ad before a round starts, one midway through, one more at the end and then another to collect extra coins. Absolute waste of time.

  • Hey there! We understand how ads can be really annoying sometimes so thank you for patience and understanding! We are doing our best to minimize them as much as possible for your comfort!

I loooove this game soo much I have a Idea to comment to you. pls can you put a pvp battle and give there muscles,chest and abs look like a bodybuilding body put not too cartoony just mix the the graphics a little realistic to give a attractive to a players.well the problem on the game was ads too can you show just 2 in every game so the other players can focused on the game and give u a many stars well if you’re not interested on my ideas well its your decision to make I hopeyouimprovesoon

  • Hey! Our team is happy you like the game We appreciate your feedback. Contact us info@aigames.ae if you have another suggestion or ideas. Have a nice day!

This game is very nice but some bugs is ther like 2 minutes have coming adviserments that’s why this game is vast and any ad come means and go to back and come means that game is starting on first on words and one more time this game is very very vast

  • Hi there! Our team is happy you like the game. Thanks for your praise

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