Block Tank Wars – Tank world in the pixel game

[Game] Block Tank Wars

Block Tank WarsBlock Tank Wars – It’s a 3D tank fighting game with single player, multiplayer and survival modes, with tanks and levels drawn in block style.

Upon completion of the mission player can buy new tank or improve their tanks. We will constantly update the game. The game mechanics is well-balanced.

150+ singleplayer missions, survival mode, and Online game!
8 different modern tank types
tank world in the pixel game
Epic Boss fight!
8 types of enemy tanks with different pixel gun
2 types of world – City, Ice world

Lead your war machine! Block Tank Wars is absolutely FREE to download!
The best free game and the best modern tank force for your smartphone.

Block Tank Wars user reviews :

There is truly nothing like block tank wars. This one is my favorite! Once you beat the levels… well you are basically done with the game. Its sad, really. The second one is sort of a sequel AND a prequel, with less tanks to buy but better graphics, (more info in my rating there) and the 3rd one is can be insanely difficult if you dont have the daily reward rocket launcher (which has all the upgrades.) All these games are good.

Okay so I have a Samsung galaxy A20 and when I beat level 1 it crashes, when I finish survival (fail or win) it crashes I seem to like this game and hope this will be resolved and if it isn’t I will leave my review a 2 star if it is I will change to a more positive rating for this. All and all this is a pretty good gam Edit1: okay so after dealing with it and buying another tank and using it made the crash stop. So far all I know is when I use the basic tank it crashes

from the world 1, the world 2 is like, 0~100 real quick, world 3 is like, 100~1000 reaaaally quick, world 4, wow, can’t even mention the difficulty. especlally the rest of the worlds left, they jump difficulties like crazy, its like, the levels of hell or something.

Fun game with solid gameplay. One bug though is that the beam laser can shoot through walls. There are a few too many add but a good game. Recommended

You need to fix a problem with the game like every time I finish one lvl and go to the next it lags out and exit out of the game

Great app but one suggestion required. It should contain an additional legendary tank at the last costing too much high which should contain all the mixed features of previous tanks like laser, shocks etc. Also I cant play I online. So plz check

Decent game.Reminds me of TankHero in terms of good quality.I love simple graphics & most of the tank ideas are cool(the 100HP boss explosion is EPIC,in my opinion).Criticism:The infinite range of enemies detecting you+that HYPERFASTattack-20HP-Enemy & the sheer speed & damage enemies have over you is often unfair.Most shop tanks are kinda overpriced &underpowered when compared to the enemies.I often NEEDED to use the mortar or the pause glitch or clip through walls to beat levels.Overall,notbad

I am not gonna lie this game has to be my favorite game I like that I get a challenge in each level also you can do a survival and a online so it fun if you like a good challenge. I dare you to pass all the lvls with the beginner tank

This game is awesome I’ve been playing this for years I don’t know maybe like two or three years I wish you had three more tanks and make one of these tanks a little bit bigger than the final one I I love this game because there is a huge boss that is level 100

There is one bug where if you kill an enemy the moment it spawns in it will start the next round so say I was on round 10 and the bug happened it would have the enemy’s from round 10 and 11. please fix this

I have played the game on my cousin s I pad and it good I like it the adds are annoying but when u turn off the internet the adds stop or at least I heard I personally don’t have a problem with adds but other s do oh and I can’t take credit for the idea

This game is insane dude i love it! But i those ads stop plz stop them they interrupt me always when i play but when i buyed or upgraded a tank it seems to crash but not that much thanks for this game

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