Puzzle Brawl – Form the best attack and defense squads

[Game] Puzzle Brawl – Match 3 RPG & PvP Battle Tactics

Puzzle Brawl  Challenge players worldwide to match-3 battles.

In this epic puzzle RPG, lead your squad of heroes in your quest to be the Brawl Master. Join the fight now!

You and the enemy take turns solving match 3 puzzles on the same board. Form powerful match 3 combos to smite the enemy heroes or play defensively to deny their most powerful attacks. Make fun tactical tile matches to defeat the enemy in PvP combat.

Set up the ultimate defense team. Raid other players in versus battles around the world. Steal their trophies by defeating their defending heroes in turn based puzzle battles! Climb to the top of the arena and collect legendary heroes.

Summon over 30+ heroes each with game changing ultimate skills. Disrupt the enemy formation by knocking back enemy tanks. Backstab an enemy hero! Control the tide of battle with fun hero skills! This is a game of strategy and tactics, the best team will emerge victorious!

Collect chests as you win battles, open them while you are idle. Puzzle Brawl is a mashup of traditional match 3 RPG with generous modern PvP games’ reward systems.

Discover unique team ups by placing your heroes in different positions. Form the best attack and defense squads to earn the most trophies! It is an easy to play fun to master game!

Earn generous rewards through daily quests by playing match-3 battles. Earn a range of loot from Magic to Legendary chests by completing daily puzzle quests.

Form a guild with friends for even more Puzzle Brawling fun! Share strategies, donate cards to help your guildmates, build your own community! Compete with each other to see who is the best Brawl Master!

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Puzzle Brawl user reviews :

solid 3 v 3 gameplay with its core being essy to pick up but can become more adept at team synergy as time goes on. Only thing I feel is a drawback from this “brawl” is the pace of it all being a bit slow for my taste and the animations feeling more like a card game than a match three, simplified for easy sake.

The gimmick for making money in this game is “trophy protection”. The story is almost non-existent so the main thing to do in here spam arena plays. Since there is no elo or matchmaking system in place, people of all levels and strengths are meshed together. When you lose a match you lose a lot of trophies; gathering trophies is the only way to rank up. To protect your trophies and rank, you have to go the store and buy a shield. I’m not falling for that jive and I’m disappointed you even tried.

Progress is severely slowed down by paywalls. Chests are on a timer. You get chump change amounts of gold per match. You’ll need thousands to upgrade cards(which you need multiple copies of) while making less than 10 gold per match. Very laggy pop-up screens when you start the game. AI has a very good gaming chair and pulls off multiple combos easily.

Conceptionally a very good game. Except that it uses the chest system which would be fine if you didnt earn so little gold per game when your chest slots are full. Which in turn only makes you wanna play when there is a slot open. So 4 matches won and then 3 hours minimum wait or if you luck all 4 slots have a 12 hpur chest and then what? I would rate higher when you can gain more gold without chests to balance the growth and hero leveling.

It’s fun for awhile but playing against the match three challenge against the computer…I feel like I’ve been cheated cause when I pick my match it goes up one time and the computer pick their match…it’s pouring down rain on you and you lose right away and that’s not fair.

Really enjoy the play of the game but so slow to progress you get so little gold and the chests take so long to open. Need to speed things up a bit

interesting concept I like it so far all these guys have good points chests need to open quicker progress is slow the only thing you can do is fight

waiting for the chests is soon annoying. I dont play more then 4 games at once as I don’t have a spot for more chests. and have to wait hours.

it’s like a mix of empires & puzzles and clash royale. It’s purely PvP though. The puzzle combat part feels deep

good game, just lower the time to open chests or give the option to watch videos to hasten the process

very fun! be smart about moving tiles. you can win stronger people if you do.

Finally a game with a starter package that actually benefits your team, so far so good

Great new game! Only thing I could tell you”start playing immediately it’s fun” !!!!!

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