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After the epic war between demon and angel, great changes had occurred in the devildom.
A lot of demons have been sealed.
Thousand years later, the demons are awakened, and the eternal war is about to begin…

Just tap tap to crush enemies in this latest idle merge RPG–Awaken Demons. Time to indulge yourself in this free to play clicker adventure.


Endless Challenges
Auto battle AFK, the challenge never ends!
Lead your demon squad to clear 20,000+ stages with strategies

Daily Free Rewards
Claim free diamonds and coins daily!

Merge Powerful Demons
Tank, Priest, Physic, Spell–Summon & collect over 100 demons to build a strong team!
Upgrade, Awaken, Idle & Merge–Witness the power growth of your demons!

Explore Various Dungeons
The powerful enemy in the legendary haunts Magicka Valley & Chaos Castle.
Defeat & raid to get massive resources and ability gems.

Reincarnate From Fire
Reincarnate to gain more souls, absorb the power of soul, let your demons surpass squad of other players.

Win Glory Points in Arena
Refresh and climb the arena rank every day
Lead your demon squad to fight in the arena, and win the crown of glory!

Craft Gems with Enchants
Equip and refine gems strategically to unlock skill bonus in battles.

Worldwide Guilds
Join multiplayer guild boss battles from all over the world. Tap tap to crush guild bosses with idle demons.

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Awaken Demons user reviews :

It’s an idle game, like all the others only with added demons and much more f2p friendly. Bright, colourful graphics, excellent character design and very addictive gameplay. Great fun and definitely a keeper. The only suggestion I can make is to add more content; other than that it’s a near-perfect example of this type of game.

Seemed simple yet fun enough to play longer than 10 mins. Then I realized that I’m forced to do way too much leveling of obsolete armor,spells,and weapons along w/ rediculous amounts of merging and waiting on childish emojis to evolve into more useless game fodder…And yes, bottom line for this game is pay,pay,pay and get nothing for something.

  • Sorry for the bad experience!If you have any questions about the game, please contact us on Facebook.

Good game so far, the only issue is that it won’t load unless im on my home wifi. Mobile data (faster than my wifi) never connects. Ive tried reinstalling etc with no luck.

  • Sorry for the bad experience!The new version is now available on the store and you can download it now.

Good game, bug a lot and don’t open 8 time on 10 ( the connection not making it between the log in part and the game display ,get stuck at 80% , bug there or crash )

  • Sorry for the bad experience!The new version is now available on the store and you can download it now.

Played for a little bit and I like the idea of the game but there is just quite a bit of lag that happens. It isn’t my phone or connection causing it. I didn’t get too far because of the latency but it doesn’t look to be p2w. I do, however, hate ‘subscription’ packages. Just give us permanent ad-free at one price if you want to provide the ability for ad-free.

Sorry for the bad experience!Please contact us on Facebook, and we will fix it.

Only problem at present is Altar Capacity is in the way of the merge space as monsters get stuck behind it make it impossible to merge from. Auto play removes that problem for a time. Fix this will rate higher.

  • Sorry for the bad experience!If you have any questions about the game, please contact us on Facebook.

After last update, the game often to crash and force close by it self. i usually spend 1 hour daily, in that 1 hour, the game keep force close, around 4 or 5 times. quite annoying. and make me reluctant to play. please fix it. beside that, overall, this game is great. thanx.

  • Please contact customer service on Facebook.

Have been playing for over a week, but on the 8th day, I can’t fight the Magika Valley. I would press the fight button, but nothing happens, but I can’t press any other button or go back to the main screen. I tried reinstalling and clearing data, but still the same. Please fix it.

  • Please contact customer service to solve this problem. Facebook:

This is great game a great time killer, good graphics and will balance game.., but I feel so bad when I see a lot of cheater in this game.. how can they updrade there soul level into 700+ while the demon awakening just level 2?? I hope you can fix that problem their ruining this game..

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Game was Removed from Play Store

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