Ragdoll Fists – Unleash unlimited combos on your enemies

[Game] Ragdoll Fists

Ragdoll Fists If you enjoy ragdoll, stickman, and physics games, then Ragdoll Fists is a must-try!

Its exceptional physics simulation ensures an incredible gameplay experience.

Master the Art of Kung-Fu with a unique and innovative fighting system, that allows you to unleash unlimited combos on your enemies.

Engage in exciting battles and challenges with your friends through a local area network.

The time has come for you to prove your skills and become a warrior.
Now, let the game begin!

Ragdoll Fists user reviews :

This games great, it’s a good fighting ragdoll game that anyone can enjoy. The controls are simple and that’s good, I have only a few suggestions. (Suggestions ahead) In training mode, being able to spawn weapons yourself would be nice, also in training mode I think you should be able to spawn different enemies and change there behavior like [stand still] and [attack]. That’s all the suggestions I have, Bye!

  • I will put more options into training mode, thank you

Absolutely amazing game. You should add some form of upgrade system to some of the weapons, that would be very cool. I absolutely love the not to hard gameplay that still needs skill to master. The fast pace makes it feel like you are really in control, and I really appreciate the fact that it’s not unbelievably easy to level up your character/belt color. A lot of games fail at this, making it to hard or way to easy to level up, so I love the balance here. Keep up the great work.Edit:graphics

  • Thank you very much, I will think about upgrade system. p/s: the graphic is made by me also

It’s great! I love all the features and the gameplay. But there are a few things I personally would like to see. Maybe after you beat all 99 levels, you could put a weapons rack so that you could choose a weapon to keep the whole time? And it would be nice to have different modes. With one being endless and maybe another one being a arcade sort of version of the game, where you can select the point you want to start at. Of course, none of these help with the achievements, then- ( sorry, space.)

  • I’m working on endless battle mode and also weapons to equip, please wait

You did amazing on this! But i agree with some ppl that training could be better, also, i have some suggestions: in training, items should have unlimited durability, and in any mode, you should be able to drop items, and i LOVE the accessories you can wear, if we were able to buy more accessories and etc, it would give players an even bigger reason to want/collect money, OH!!! we should have temporary powers that give the player the upper hand on enemies. Those are my suggestions, byee!

  • Thank you, I will think about all of suggestions

I just thought that this was another stick fight clone, but this was genuinely actually fun! You should really update the controls though. Moving around is hard and you have to use up stamina to move with attacking. Also, those spiky gravity ball things are really annoying and frequent. I can’t get past 80 to 87 enemies, so you might wanna fix that.

  • I will try to balance the game, thank you

Easy 5 stars. Simplistic art style and combat but also very fun and addicting, nothing complicated about it and I don’t remember ever running into any glitches. I do have a couple ideas for it tho No.1 stats mode: you can get up to 10 stats while in this mode to increase certain abilities, all stats have a cap of 5 No.2 computer mode: you and a friend each train a computer player a pit them against eachother No.2 superpower mode: You get to choose a superpower (fire, elec, etc.) And fight :) ty

  • Thank you for your ideas, I will think about this

Amazing game, can you add a player vs A.I. feature? With higher damage and higher health. It would be like a boss fight, but you would have to go train to make the boss easier to defeat. The rewards for defeating a boss would be mostly xp rather than money. And then the higher level you get to, the more bosses that you can beat and the easier the platform mode is. Either that or an easier way to get xp because the leveling system is difficult.

  • I will create a fighting tournament for the game

This game is really addictive but, its a little hard for beginners I had to do the tutorial 3 times when I first joined that didn’t stop me from trying I did level 1 about 15 time before I decided I was ready for level 2 of the game if you you’re a beginner then you might have to do level 1 or the tutorial a few times, anyways my experience playing I would say fun but some people wouldn’t really say that because its very difficult for many people if you want to try this game out please get hell!

This appis sooo good. It helps me take out my anger and the items are even better. The satisfaction that comes from using items perfectly is incredible. One time this stickman boss just tried to finish me off by jumping on to me and hitting me and at the precise moment I pulled out one of those diamond shaped thowable sword things and stabbed him in the chest. I think they were called “kunais”.

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