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Wi-Fi ToolkitThe Wi-Fi Toolkit provides various network diagnosis tools for you.

It aims to protect your privacy from being stolen when you use public Wi-Fi.

Check your Wi-Fi signal strength, network security, internet speed, and latency with one tap
Test your internet speed while playing a racing game
Discover surrounding cameras to protect your privacy
Find all devices in the same network
Test your ping to measure your connectivity to target services for a better network experience

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Wi-Fi Toolkit user reviews :

TP-Link’s WiFi Toolkit app is a game-changer! It’s packed with features to help me optimize my WiFi network, including a detailed scanner and network analyzer. The app is easy to use, intuitive, and regularly updated with new features. A must-have for anyone serious about improving their WiFi network.

I loaded a lot of similar apps before this one and it’s the one I’ll keep. I just needed a very basic tool and every other one did almost nothing without paying. I appreciate your work. My only comment is I wish I could manually name devices but it’s not a huge deal. Thank you every much. Ironically, the feedback SEND button was ghosted so I couldn’t comment.

Great app I have used many third party tools for wi-fi over the years. Sticking with TPlink I have a great setup. Built my own mesh. Usung two routers connected by wire to my isp unit as well as a exterior unit and a bridge in the garage.

Great app that does exactly what it claims. Handy for running quick tests of your devices WiFi connections.

All of these features were included with my AS 75 when I first bought it. They were all removed without any notification from TP Link. Now, they come up with a stand-alone app with all of the features that were removed! One big difference is this “new” app speed test is not accurate to the speed test I have been using! I use the Xfinity speed test!

I get a notification that the WiFi is unsecured, but that’s not true.

Excellent app. Setup was so easy and I had instantaneous results. Thanks for the great app.

Very user friendly, decent and convenient network diagnostic info! Thank you!

Very good. A bit hit and miss with the camera count though

Looks good and simple to use. As an IT pro I would appreciate more information about the methods behind wifi and camera security check. So far I have been VERY happy with TP-Link products. Specially VPN server in our home router, which makes it easy to get to our home servers. Only need a separate DNS for GUEST connection while using Pi-Hole.

It’s telling me things I need to know. My experience is very limited, but now I’m mot in the dark about it.

Needs update to recognize WPA3 connections, WHEN scanning WPA3 connections (one WiFi6 one WiFi6e), it incorrectly states I’m using unencrypted Wi-Fi. If connecting to the one WPA2 connection on the same router, it’s correctly recognized. Hence, update the app to recognize the WPA3 protocol.

Very good app, Tp link is good networking company,,, Karachi Pakistan

I didn’t realize when I got that incredible TP-Link router, that it came with a range of excellent software to both solve problems, and and even warn of hidden cameras, etc Thanks guys, I’m a customer for life.

This seems to cover all the bases. The only thing that isn’t accurate is my download speed. Ran ookla speed test and it reports correctly. Other than that, this is a very useful and usable app.

Port scans and some tests are basic but very helpful for non-technical users. I just feel as a more technical user the Deco app and Termux do the job fine.

When you are using of WiFi Network, This is an application that knows all of very details of your WiFi Network. I have never seen such a detailed situation before. Also you can even find out if your WiFi Network is secure.

This will replace Fing if you ever used one. Glad that TP-Link developed such useful networking tool. I can now pair it with the Tether app to correctly configure and have more info about my home network.

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