Ragnarok Begins – Set in the fantastical world of Midgard

[Game] Ragnarok Begins (WEST)

Ragnarok BeginsThe popular MMORPG that influenced generations, Ragnarok Online, presents a new adventure in the series, Ragnarok Begins!

Become the hero of an epic adventure set in the fantastical world of Midgard!
Featuring a vast fantasy world full of mysterious monsters and epic characters with the classic Ragnarok art style, reborn as a side-scrolling arcade-style MMORPG.
Explore unique landscapes from the depths of the sea to the deserts of Morroc with legendary kingdoms and mythical dungeons!

Deep Fantasy Adventure
A deep adventure with a colossal story as you unravel mysteries and conflicts
Challenge yourself in the Endless Tower, either solo or with friends
Test your might through group PVP and ranked battles in the Arena of Valhalla

Cross Platform
Use one account across PC and mobile devices, allowing you to progress and adventure on the go
Never stop advancing your journey with autoplay functions and smooth playability on both PC and mobile
Side-scrolling arcade-style combat allows easy accessibility

Dynamic Action
Action-packed combat with non-targeting, allowing precise control of area-of-effect abilities
Gain movement abilities to dodge enemy attacks and out-maneuver opponents
Use a variety of potions and items to gain buffs and heal your character

Endless Build Customization
Customize and upgrade your weapons, armor and accessories with multiple progression systems
Build out unique skill trees for each job, as well as an adventure skill tree available to all jobs
Choose from 4 base jobs, each with 2 advanced jobs to progress into for endgame content

Community Social System – Let’s play together!
Create or join a guild with many guild activities and progression systems, including guild benefits and shared guild halls
Design and grow your own player house with in-game progression systems – invite your friends too
Join groups of adventurers to battle server-wide world bosses

Begin a New RO-mantic Journey!

Ragnarok Begins user reviews :

Simple yet fun, keep in mind it’s brand new. I like how it’s not totally dependent on a gatcha system like most games. Though the stamina system is one of the things holding this game back. The different classes make for interesting experimenting and the people have been interesting to interact with. All in all it’s not quite the auto rpg that most suspect. There is auto but it’s optional and the controls aren’t too difficult to use. Could benefit greatly from gamepad support

A Ragnarok spinoff that’s actually good for once?! Right on! There’s some auto stuff in it, but this game doesn’t nail you to the auto features like the other ones seem to do. The only thing I would request is for it to not start autopathing you for a quest once you accept it. It’s easy to stop the autopathing, but it would still just be better if you had to press the quest bar in order to start autopathing. That’s really the only complaint I have so far. Maybe controller support. I like it!

I’ve played the very first version of RO many years ago, it’s been so long since I try another RO game. It’s not bad but can still be improved. The graphic is much better but feels like the character motion is slightly laggy and attach speed is dramatically slower than the other version. Not sure it will get better later into the game, but hopefully developer will do something about it.

Been playing 14 days now. Excellent. Very classic gameplay, non predatory cash system, great controls and graphics. Narrative is simple yet funny and entertaining, which makes auto-questing and auto-battling feel like legitimate time savers; taking full control feels immersive, and I tend to feel I make better choices than the auto play. The team updates with care and attention, and if future content is added and improved on like it is currently, I think this is an mmo worth a subscription.

I just downloaded this on mobile (Pixel 6 Pro) and was excited to play it. But already there were issues. 1). The animation text is too fast you can even finish reading them to understand the story. 2). The font is too small. Is there a setting to increase it? If not then it’ll be my only reason to uninstall it. I really want to give this a try.

Lvl 58 Def Best mmorpg so far for mobile. I highly recommend using a controller, it will elevate your experience. Criticism: Agi doesn’t have a dodge rate, and dex doesn’t determine if you can hit a monster -System chat doesn’t show exp gained -Please give all essential emotes from the start (job 10) & reduce emote usage from monsters – There is delay when dashing Suggestions: -Taming/pets -Finding items that you can deco your home with -gain unique items from achievements. /sit /Doridori

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