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[Game] Raid Royal – Tower Defense

Raid RoyalDo you enjoy playing defense games? This game is for you.

Players will experience a tower defense game with the basic properties of a tactical defense game in Raid Royal: Tower Defense. Furthermore, this game also brings new improvements to the turret system.

Welcome to the kingdom of defense towers, warriors, and magic masters, and let’s gather army forces, build a defense system to defend the base, and prepare for a TD game full of action, adventure, and endless entertainment.

As the enemy surrounds the castle and scatters the invading force, devise a strategy and tactics to win with brains and knowledge.
Form a strong defense against threatening bosses and their agents. When you’re fighting evil monsters, defense games are never boring. In the TD game, successfully defend your kingdom and get unique awards. Prepare your defenses and defend the beautiful kingdom.
Study to perfect the appropriate tactics and strategies for repelling various types of attacks and defeating your enemies in this tower defense game!

Various military units from archers, footmen, and magic troops,…
Strongly upgraded hero and turret system.
Diverse terrain.

Build and arrange a solid defense.
Control heroes to defend important positions.

Raid Royal user reviews :

It’s a rough game. Towers so hardly any damage, heroes die to quickly, upgrade are few and far between. Once you hit level 15 (which is in about maybe 30minutes) you gotta either pay, watch a ton of ads for next to nothing rewards, or try other and other . One level can take me 25 minutes and if you fail near the end , you wasted 25 minutes. Needs more balance and towers need to do more damage.

Come on guys just couldn’t get over the card drops not allowing you to play without interruption, made the game feel clunky and uninteresting noone wants to be interrupted while strategizing. Give the cards at the end of the level! Interrupted action at the stage changes too. I wanted to walk away from my phone and not return from the overwhelming irritation. This was not fun!

Decent game but hard to advance if you dont pay.. Unless you have all the time in the world to spam the same map over and over for diamond and gem to upgrade heroes and towers. Update* for more than a month never get lucky clover leaves from spinning. I dont think it even possible.

Only 29 levels, cannot ever see anymore levels happening so really it’s not worth playing.

Was on level 28 had over 1000 gems and 4 heroes all very high levels. Also paid for no ads then it started my whole profile from level 6 and no gems. I have spent a bit of money for my profile to be gone.

  • Hi strategist! After you purchased no ads, the game rolled back to level 6, I’m I understand correctly? Did you back up your process after or before purchasing no ads? Make sure you back up process every time you purchase, otherwise you may lose items.

The game play is simple and easy. It’s great when you want to have something to do when waiting. My only issue is the fact that you can’t get new champions without having to pay money…

Too difficult to pass level 16, it’s pay to win app, not enough crystals to upgrade heroes and towers, upgrade cost is too high

Seems like the reviewers here are paid to fake, coz this game is actually a watch-ads-and-pay-to-win. What a pity. The concept is good. Game is good. But you can’t be strong enough for each levels if your characters aren’t strong enough. How to achieve that? Either by earning ridiculously low gems/diamonds or pay to obtain the ridiculously high level up. Good luck.

  • Hi, we are sorry about your bad experience with our game, latest version contains some difficult adjustments. We really hope you give it another try. We appreciate your patience!

Yes I must say good game but I just don’t money on a warrior it say I own it but it still shows purchase on the card but I press it it says you own it already please allow my warrior to be free other than that I’ll give it a hundred and one stars frfr thanks guys before then later.

  • Hi strategist! First, back up your data in profile on upper left of main menu. Second, go to app info of Raid Royal on your phone settings, tap clear storage and open the game again. When you entered stage 1, tap the settings button, tap exit, then find restore button on profile page on upper left of main menu. I hope this help!

This game is fun if you have some time to kill. The ads are not invasive but can be a little long and repetitive.

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