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AzerothAzeroth broke the classic real time combating game play, in which thousands of players can play on a same screen.

You can use diversified matches of heroes, army, skills, races and gift
to response to the attack of monsters. With the different stories in the checkpoints or battle, you will surely be attracted to it.

In the game, there are 3 big races, 10 types of armies, 12 heroes, 15 kind of manual skills and 573 auto skills. Players can organize their favorite tactics to response the attack from hundreds of different monster groups.

In the game, players can choose from 12 heroes with different skills and level up them;or choose warrior, hunter, mage, knight, pastor, wizard from the 3 big races, which are all with refined skills. By organizing them to tackle the monster forces. In face of monsters with different skills and power, players need to match different army races, so as to exert unexpected power.

Click the screen to position and move the heroes, with skilled operations, you can easily hide from the attacks and magic, with advanced positioning, you can make the monsters gather together and attack them heavily.

Monsters with more blood are with strong armor also, but their ability to resist magic are quite weak. An archer can also kill it. For those wizards and skeletons, or those monsters with long distance harm ability, we suggest players to control your heroes well and kill them timely.
Every monster has its features and weak points; you can crack it by your own.

Azeroth user reviews :

Improved a lot over the years but still so much bugs on dialogs, the blue cursor when clicking the map to move my hero, enemy randomly glitching, Units skills are not casted as intended the ai of troops are so stupid that healers prioritize attacking than healing. Please fix them at least one by one! Thanks!

The game was great,the language is a mess(some could not understand mixed language) the story used the same word from one character,used the old story update,some hero name was unreadable, the animation seemed off the mark(ex.the thunder lizard or wolf of solar) ,some of the level being too op,one hero has an error to the point of you cannot buy it even if you can afford it(it was the demon boss at very first level),save slot stars is inaccurate cuz it was written 180 but only 171 in the level.

  • New version will be updated soon.thank you for playing

Edit : Finally, an update. Please enable Google Cloud Save. Need new hero with different ability. Please, dont just copy another hero and re-color it. Edit : I can’t buy a hero with devil horn, devil wings, using whip as his weapon. The purchase window’s just blink and nothing happens. Its like I canceled it.

  • Have you installed the Google. Service framework app?

Its a great change of strategy to the tower defense formula. Your army on the left and the enemy on the right. You have options of which soldiers to send in on the bottom left. Swordsman, Archers and Orcs. Each costing you gold. My only gripe with the game is it looks so much like Kingdom Rush. The map. The art style. It would have been nice to see them find their own style to their game but its still a cool mix of RTS and TD. Id recommend it to any one who likes either genre.

This game is…unique to say the least. It has three seperate names, one on the store page, one in game and one when purchasing stuff, every single unit is stolen from kingdom Rush, with half of them having no changed designs with the new designs either being better than kingdom Rush or just being good in general, all animations are also stolen from kingdom Rush as well as the artsyle and the game is somehow easy and difficult. But its fun. The hordes are big and $1.50 is all it takes to win.

I like the idea. Cost of troops, stats, characters, are all great how they are. The gameplay is pretty fun and it can be challenging. But I have only ever struggled to win. I’ve never overpowered my enemy. They always push right up to the border and I can hold them there until they send their commander after me. Once he’s dead, I win. But my commander can die multiple times? There’s also a few alpha layer issues.

Gameplay is good, however the grammar/wording is absolutely atrocious, this is a copy of the ever so popular kingdom rush series adding some aspects of world of Warcraft, it would be 5 stars and a fantastic and fun game if it weren’t for the super bad spelling and grammar errors. Other than that, the gameplay is good.

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