Ranchdale – Run your own farming business

[Game] Ranchdale – Farm, city building and mini games

Ranchdale  Are you ready to build your own farm and live the village life?

Ranchdale is a new farming casual village and city building simulator game that needs a mayor with a big heart. The villagers are ready to help the city mayor feel at home on the farm and get him acquainted with peculiarities of village life. Their exciting farm stories will brighten up your evening and help you learn more about your dream farm city and grow farming capabilities.

The possibilities in Ranchdale: farm and city building farm story are endless:

Build your own village with lots of beautiful houses, farms and buildings and invite villagers to your farm city, each of them unique and with a helpful profession. Expand your farm and improve your garden to make your village prosperous!

Run your own farming business! Hire villagers on the farm, the pasture, and in eco-factories.

Breed and raise farm animals, feed them, farm and harvest crops to obtain farm products;

Use your time-management experience to harvest fresh ingredients in your garden and cook rustic dishes with family recipes;

Get to know the citizens better, fulfill their requests, and discover the story of your tiny city;

Decorate the city, farm and garden, upgrade your farmhouse to build the best village!

The mayor’s discretion will bring prosperity back to the city and make the villagers, cows and chickens happy once again. Breathe new life into the farm city and reach new heights together with the villagers!

Being the town mayor is as easy as it is fun! The villagers’ fascinating stories recount the city’s history, and good neighbors are always there to help. A perfect farm with happy animals coupled with small ecological village factories will bring true satisfaction from managing the city. You will definitely enjoy this city building and farming game!
Build the farm of your dreams!

Ranchdale user reviews :

was good then i spent more time not playing and just waiting. but i was looking forward to the storyline and it looks really nice.
  • Game Garden
  • Hello! Thank you for your feedback, we will take it into account.
ust started today but, I’m actually enjoying the gameplay though it seems like I’m about to run into a paywall with thefair that just started. Update. Yes there is a paywall at the fair. With the cake game mission costing 50, which cost out of pocket cash. Also, there’s not enough room for what you’re required to build, not to mention the cost and time of building and what’s with the 1 item being processed at a time, which makes it pretty much useless to add more slots. I Can’t….
  • Game Garden
  • Hello! Thank you for your feedback, we will take it into account.
it is good. i only gave it 4 stars because it’s hard to gather supplies for upgrades ( FOR REAL) but all in all the game is good. hoping the devs would do something about it tho.
  • Game Garden
  • Hello! Thank you for your feedback, we will take it into account.
everytime I leave the game for whatever reason, it takes me right back to the introduction. You cannot even skip the introduction and I lost all my progress and had to start back to level 1….3 times I tried. which is a shame cause I was excited for this game. Now I deleted the app. very disappointing . And it freezes at level 3 and wont let you get past it, goes right back to the introduction
  • Game Garden
  • Dear Krista, the game received many updates and we recommend you to try in one more time! If you will still face problems, please contact our support service: ranchdale[at]derkeg.ru and we will definitely help you.
The game is cute but you don’t get enough tools to get rid of trees, bushes, fences etc. Only one ‘hero’ doing it? You should be able to do more than one tree, bush etc. Should be at least 3. I have all this land and can’t use it. Yes, I know, send the truck. Doing that constantly. The truck needs 4 hours to come back. Way too long. Would give 5 stars if you would fix that.
  • Game Garden
  • Hello! Thank you for your feedback, we will take it into account.
Game is awesome, with a little of everything from minigames, city builder/management to workers buildable with skills. There are a couple of issues I find in it though. 1- The waiting time spikes up so fast. When you start the game, everything is made in a couple of minutes. An hour or two of playing later, everything upgrades and builds in 30 or more minutes. So little time to play and a lot of waiting. 2- the price of stuff are outright robbery. Stuff costs so much for the little they offer.
  • Game Garden
  • Hello! We appreciate the feedback! Our team will take it into consideration.
The game is fun but it takes forever to get the building supplies you need, unless you’re willing to pay real money to buy them. It’s starting to get boring just collecting crops, then waiting 2-3 hours for select new crops to grow. Or having volunteers do jobs hoping you’ll get the extremely rare nails. It would be more fun/interesting if a player could advance faster. I have 3 unfinished buildings waiting for nails, boards, and bricks, it will take weeks to get what I need.
  • Game Garden
  • Hello! We appreciate the feedback! Our team will take it into consideration.

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Game was Removed from Play Store

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