Popo Mine – Expand your empire

[Game] Popo Mine – Idle Mineral Tycoon

Popo Mine  Become an industrial tycoon by managing your mine with mole miners and idle profit!

Expand your empire & give it a boost with managers. Take on the challenge and discover the best mining strategy and earn as much cash as possible!


Automate your workflow to increase your idle income
Get idle cash, even when you are offline
Profit from a smart investment
Hire managers to increase your miner’s motivation
Every manager has a special effect
No internet connection needed

Popo Mine user reviews :

Not what I thought at first, but plenty going on to keep you hooked and I found it addictive at first. Keeps you thinking how best to expand your mines. Unfortunately, progress becomes extremely slow as prices sky-rocket faster than your earnings. The slot matchine is largly a rip off, as most of the time your throwing away good rubies since I can predict each time which it will give me and I’m right 90% time. The event mines have oddly locked, I emailed them about this but no one is there.

The last two weeks ads will not load. I like this game but very aggravated that the videos won’t load.

It’s got a lot of little features that make it engaging, I like the mini games for when you need to kill time waiting for funds to grow.

It is very good But the this is so time taking game i need so much time for play it …. Ads is so annoying

Its a nice game I spend most of my time in it Its recomended to download this fascinating idle game

Very fun game. Great way to pass time.

I love idle games and this game is very interesting game i love it

A button that shows how much cash you need for the next upgrade tier would be nice. Rather than just max where you have to have more than the amount to see how much you need would be helpful. That way you can syrategize for when you need say 34 upgrades and can make better use of potions. Apart from that a decent timewaster

The reason for this review is, this game like any other idle game gets to a point where you’re relying on your idle cash. Then when you get back you can watch a video to double your product, I do this often because I’ll go long spurts without playing. (IE, while working and sleeping). So when I let the game idle for 16 hours and then hit a button to double rewards and an ad doesn’t load, I get upset. 9 times out of 10 it just sits at a blacked out loading screen please fix this.

after 2monthuse of this game , let me say it have extremely advertising game, and after 50days it become boaring,becuse developing decrease and instead for every little bebefit you need watch ad, some time it cant load ad and you should waiting, nothing close nothing happening , just wasting the time,and when you are offline the your earn is less than calculated by game that when you are away, i did not remove it yet but if it is not change by the programers uninstall it from my phone

This game is awesome. I’m someone who really loves playing games and this game was made well but the reason for giving 4 stars is because of the shop. Almost all the items there are purchased with real money n I will for some of them to be purchased with the treasures gotten in the game

It’s very nice game and it also works offline when I come back to game I see a billion dollar waiting for me .

I really really love this awesome game. It is so easy and simple to play but at the same time it’s also a fun game. The game has lots of mining tools. It also has events and power ups too. I really really love this game.

I love idle games anyway, and though this is very simple, it’s also very entertaining…at least to me. The little miner dudes are so cute. Other, similar games, use human miners. I much prefer this version. The only thing that some players may view as a negative thing, is that it seems very quick and easy to level up, get more mines, and make tons of moolah. I like it a bit easier myself though. I play these games to relax, not get stressed out. Good job on developing this game.

4 stars The game is great! Keeps you busy tapping your screen. Good graphics and I love how you execute the appearance of your cute little characters… Not yet unlocking the other Continents and the Lab but I enjoy playing this game. Good job developers! I wish I could build a game like this one in the future. SUGGESTION: On the next update, would you please lessen the money required to upgrade a tunnel? Please? Thank you!

Love it! More engaging than I expected, good. Yeah, ads. But you can purchase out of them if you want. Good job, guys.

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