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Ready Set GolfTee off with your friends and players from around the world in Ready Set Golf!

Race against real players in fast-paced rounds of mini golf and unleash your skills to climb the leaderboard, earn exciting cosmetics, and activate power-ups. With support for up to eight players simultaneously, the competition is fierce and the taste of victory is sweet!

With its endless gameplay and intuitive controls, Ready Set Golf keeps you coming back for “just one more round.” Get thrown right into the action and navigate over 100 uniquely designed holes, each with their own set of challenges and hazards. Strategically use power-ups, showcase precision, and demonstrate lightning-fast reactions to emerge victorious — only the strongest will prevail!

As you play matches and claim victories you earn experience to level up and unlock exclusive customization rewards, including unique golf balls, trails, custom flags, and even special celebration effects for sinking that perfect shot! From fun and quirky Hamburger golf balls to vibrant and colourful Rainbow flags, there’s something for everyone. Personalise your golfing experience and control the vibe on the course.


Real-time multiplayer for endless competition.
Performance based best-of-five matches.
Play with up to 7 friends or other players across the globe.
Join private games with friends with a simple room code.
Collect unique golf balls, trails, flags, and celebration customisation.
Master intuitive and easy-to-learn controls.
Enjoy casual, arcade-style gameplay.
Use power-ups to give you the advantage.
Discover over 100+ courses.
Explore 3 unique environments.

Ready Set Golf user reviews :

I preregistered because the game looked like fun and was NOT disappointed. It’s a cute game and an absolute blast if you’re in the mood for a round or 6 of quick, competitive, putt-putt entertainment. I’m loving the in-game reactions and customization options, though I have few at the moment, but would definitely like to see more variety in other areas such as game maps and modes as development progresses. Overall, a simple game with short multiplayer matches but fun and well-implemented.

Too many bugs. I have fast service and fiber wifi. And I am using a Samsung S23 Ultra. The servers suck. The ads get stuck and while they are short the fact that they fet stuck is annoying and make them longer than they have to be. Connection issues makes it where you lose more often than not even if you’re good. Not worth your time. And pikpok. Don’t tell me to leave feedback already have. And I won’t change the review so don’t bother.

  • Hi Chris! We’re continuously working on improving server stability and minimizing ads disruptions. We appreciate your feedback and will do our best to address these issues.

Just started playing! Early review; fun, straightforward, and even play. I haven’t encountered a player who is @ lvl 50 playing against new players. There’s some skills needed, but it is an easy to play game. There’s no tricks or special abilities to win. The hazards and challenges are the same for everyone, and their properties are laid out in the tutorial. It’s competitive putt-putt with some fun features to make it interesting. This is also a PikPok game… you know it’s going to be great!

The game is great. Relaxing and fun. But there’s the problem with connection buffs and rooms. When something goes wrong and I get kicked out the friend’s room, I can’t get back and the whole match becomes meaningless. I wish I had opportunity to reload the room or return there instead of being kicked out.

I’m editing my review and dropping it down to 3 stars. While fun at first, I soon realized that this game needs more courses. In a day the wait times to be matched with other players kept increasing and the urgency to win seemed to fizzle out as almost everyone was taking the same shots, with the same power, at the same angle. Perhaps drop the shot clock and have the balls interact with one another, live (this would be absolute madness)or turn base like croquet. More courses or an editor.

  • Thank you for your feedback! Your insights are super valuable and can really help us make the game better. If you’ve got any ideas on how we can improve our game, please don’t hesitate to share them with our Customer Support team. You can reach them at support[at]; they’re all ears!

A cute and fun game! I’ve run into a couple of game with bugs (ball not loading, not being able to hit the ball) but they’re infrequent, and clear up when joining a new game. I do wish there was an option for a “good game” text bubble. I like the hole animations and different ball options.

Edit to my review. Was good at first. Now there’s no guarantee that the order you come in is actually the order you went in the hole. Maybe have it so balls don’t move until everyone has aimed and fired? It would help. Plus think game is TOO successful as it’s now a bit leggy on the best WiFi or data. Maybe more people than they expected clogging the servers. Autoface hole option needed too.

  • Hi there! Thank you so much for your feedback. We always aim to make our games top-notch and fun for everyone, but we know that we might miss the mark sometimes. Could you please contact our Customer Support team at support[at] They’re eager to hear all your ideas on how to make our game better for everyone. Thank you for your support!

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