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SelferLet’s be honest, not everyone has their own photographer at the rate, but everyone wants to have the perfect photo of yourself to share it on social media, send to parents or use on dating apps and you don’t want to bother someone every time to help with it. Just ask the app to do it, it never gets tired :)

App provides custom camera to take photos with the specified interval. You can handle device in your hand and use different angles or put it somewhere to be focused on you and app will make as many photos as you want automatically. This makes it possible to take a picture of yourself on your own and choose only the perfect photos from the many taken.

All photos are initially saved in internal app’s memory and grouped into photosets to not get mixed with your device gallery photos. Photosets and photos can be conveniently managed such as save to gallery, delete, share etc.

Camera has all needed features to take the perfect selfie: autofocus, configuration of photos interval in seconds and minutes, lock of screen sleep when camera is active, maximum image quality, disable or enable shutter sound, you can switch between all camera lens direction (for example between back and front cameras), flash mode.

UI is easy to use, built using material design and has support of dark mode to provide nice looking and convenient interface.

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Selfer user reviews :

Am impressed, what I wanted was what I got, I needed an app that will take me shots automatically, and that’s just what I got. The app is nice Indeed

Just started using it, and its been pretty good. I like how the timer keeps going and you can do multiple shots! 1 star off for the non working flashlight.

Don’t know much about the app just yet but I will update as I learn more. So far it’s pretty swag! Takes photos in intervals and you can choose how far apart to make them! Photo quality is pretty good! But there is in app purchases to make things more swag and ez. Would it be worth it to buy it? Not sure.

I mean it works? Literally so many basic features are locked behind a paywall though like the select tool and saving settings omg. might be worth it if u wanna pay £2.89 for pro

Works well taking photos, but the wuality of the save photos is very poor. Lots of artifacts in images that you don’t get when using the android photo app

On a tripod, well-lit, stationary subject with user-defined intervals between pictures? It’ll do…. Shortcomings: if the flash is “on” or “auto,” there is an additional delay as it focuses. Needs to be held stable (tripod) and subject cannot be moving or pictures will be blurry. Cannot delete multiple pics at once within the app — either delete 1 at a time or entire gallery. No way to adjust resolution quality, shutter speed, or to zoom in/out. Resets to default settings every time it closes.

  • Thanks for the feedback. Please update app to the new version, now it’s possible to select multiple photos to delete at once, store camera settings after app closed in Pro version. Also added possibility to adjust resolution quality.

Works exactly for the reason I downloaded it. Take pictures (front and back camera) at timed intervals repeatedly. I also like that it creates albums and I can download the whole album. Would like to see the picture quality improved. I noticed that it doesn’t look like my own camera’s resolution and instead looks more like a screenshot of the screen. Much better app than other ones I’ve tried.

  • Thanks for the feedback. Please update app to the new version, now it’s possible to select photo quality.

Great experience. Free as well as some added extras for more. Simple and easy to use does what you need. I love it.

This app is very useful cos i am a shy person so I feel nervous to approach someone to take a picture of me. But the help of this app im free to go

Best camera app for a person who is alone and want to click his pic, full photo,.. there is custom timer or countdown, Which is what I needed.

i love the app concept, but I wish there was a setting that would let us decide if we want inverted pictures or not. thank you!

  • Thanks for the feedback. Do you mean you want to have an option to make photos inverted but only for the front camera?

Needed something to have my camera take a picture ever couple seconds easily. Found this app after a quick search and it worked as intended. Good stuff!

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