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Real ColorsUsed by 400.000+ creative people all over the world, Real Colors is the leading color palette generator from photos.
We help designers to get inspired from real life. Starting from Real Colors 2.0 you can get inspired from palettes posted by other creative people.

A designer’/s must, Miguel Maria Colon del Rey, Product Designer, Barcelona
Fantastic work, Gina Chacon, Digital Artist, Mexico
Love it, Adam Bjurstrom, Freelance designer, Louisville

Automatically generate harmonious color palettes (colour schemes) from photos using our unique algorithm
Colors from the color palette (color scheme) can be easily edited
Post your favorite color palettes to the Color Palettes Feed and let other like and comment on it
Explore color palettes from other creative people around the world. Like and comment their work
Share your most beautiful color palettes to Facebook, Pinterest, Whatsapp, Messenger, email and many others

Real Colors is used by creatives all over the world for web design, interior design, colour matching for clothing and creating color themes.

We appreciate any kind of feedback that will make this product better. Send us your ideas to

Real Colors user reviews :

It doesn’t work at all because it’s impossible to register: the signup form hangs forever, resulting to bad json message. Tried several times. Actually I have no idea why you’d need me to create an account. I just want to make a photo and generate its palette. How the heck it requires to be on-fucgging-line?

I don’t like the new version. I don’t care for another community to share to. Before I could share to google keep and have the generated colors and the #code in text format . Now it’s only embedded in the photo. Why the need to have an account? What’s next, monthly subscription? I paid for the good generated photo color pallets with the idea that the app could be improved, not changed into something different.

I used to use this all the time for art Because it was free, easy to use, had a clean interface and a bunch of options. I opened it to suddenly find that I had to pay to use the different options, have a profile, and the interface was almost completely screwed, and that’s why I deleted.

i upgraded this expecting the same layout as the pro version. instead i got a messy looking ui and all the color pallettes jumbled together making it confusing and unnatractive to look at and use. with no refund option i ended up buying the pro version and losing the money I’d paid for this mess.

one star. as soon as i attempted to create a pallette, i was asked to sign up. when i did, it was stuck on the loading screen, so i closed the app and opened it again. afterwards, when i tried to create the pallette (again), it just was still stuck on the loading screen. please, please fix this.

I enjoyed this app because of the wallpaper feature and how easy it was to use. But 2.0 ruined it and made me delete it because I cannot use it the way i did before

Everything was fine before update ! Now all my pallets gone. More I can not generate any pallets. Dissapointement.

Love this app and the pro version. Color analysis and specification are excellent.

For capturing the palettes of natural settings for use in digital designs, this is one of the best apps I have ever found. I love that you have the option to adjust colours to be perfect, then export the results in a range of formats – nothing beats it so far. I would like to have the option to select what colours the app works with as key/s, but failing that, it’s very handy indeed.

The app technically picks colors from the picture, but doesn’t seem to weight them at all based on their proportions in the picture. A field of pink and purple tulips provided a navy, hunter green, and brown palette because of infinitesimal specks of those colors somewhere in the picture. And this is the paid version.

The idea using a photo is good but I would also like to see the following features added for 5 stars: 1. Direct manual input of HEX/RGB/HSB values (now very difficult using the sliders) – 2. To be useable without a photo or image e.g. to calculate the complementary color(s) according to the above mention manual input. With just these two modifications it would be a great tool for photographers and designers. Please consider for an update – I would be willing to pay 5 Euro for such a professional tool

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