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Real ColorsReal Colors : Leading color palette generator from photos.

Leading color palette generator from photos: the most advanced technology for the most harmonious color palettes.

Reviewed and liked by Google’s Android Developers: hxxp://

“A designer’s must”, Miguel Maria Colon del Rey, Product Designer, Barcelona
“Fantastic work”, Gina Chacon, Digital Artist, Mexico
“Love it”, Adam Bjurstrom, Freelance designer, Louisville

IMPORTANT: Real Colors app does not change the colors from the photo, please do not rate us 1 star for the lack of this functionality.


– Automatically generate harmonious color palettes from photos using our unique algorithm
– Automatically generate the color spectrum from the photo
– Colors from the palettes can be easily edited
– Get detailed information about the colors (HEX, RGB, HSB)
– Save color palettes in a library for future reference
– Export your color palettes (photo, color spectrum, HEX, RGB and HSB color values)
– Share your most beautiful color palettes

BUY REAL COLORS PRO and get these additional features:

– Automatically generate color palettes using color theory rules: complementary, monochromatic, analogous, shades, triad, tetrad and split complementary
– Create beautiful wallpapers from your favorite color palettes

Real Colors is a work in progress and we would appreciate any kind of feedback that will make this product better. Please send your ideas by email to Or, alternatively, just go to hxxp:// and vote for some of the suggestions.

User Reviews:

Great tool for designers and developers

I’d definitely get the pro version if I were a designer :)

Thanks for following the Android 4.0 UI guidelines. Works beautifully. Does what it says.

Pick a photo from gallery and wait 5 – 30 sec, then nothing happened.

Very intuitive and does the job brilliantly. Love it! Considering getting the Pro version.

I use this when I re-edit my instagram photos!!!

Couldn’t figure out how to use the generated color palette to manipulate the colors in photographs.

Perfect for designers

Really nice, does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a shame other people haven’t grasped what this app does, it will not change the colours within a picture!

I love this enough to go pro! Very nice.

I only gave this four stars before–my previous review is below. Now that I can e-mail the swatch and pic together it is so useful to me as an artist and designer it should get 10 stars! “This is a fun app. I can see its potential. I wish it would let you save the scheme as a png so you could print it after e-mailing it or use it on my blog to go with the photo that inspired it.”

Before this app i had to open an image in my pc and select colours manually to create this so much faster

Very useful application, I love thus far. Can’t wait to see the new improvements implemented.

Patience needed for the extra features. So well thought out and useful, will happily pay for it if the final version requires (update: and at a reasonable price). … but urg – small dislike the update to the logo is not an improvement – join the colours up again please: the graphic gave me the impression of a ‘solid’ product before; yes I could see that it reflects the principle of the app by ‘separating out the colours’, but no it weakens it by making it more fiddly: and all of my prefered colour reference books will present combinations next to each other without a gap as I need to know their impact on each other.

I love this app, have always wanted something like it and it works really well. Always snapping palettes when I go out!

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Paid Version:


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