Real Moto Traffic – Travel around the world with a variety of missions

[Game] Real Moto Traffic

Real Moto TrafficAnother fun of Real Moto!
Experience thrilling motorcycle racing while speeding through the vehicles!

Infinite racing, where you can travel around the world with a variety of missions.
Ride a super sports motorcycle and enjoy a speedy driving.

Run through the highway and break through vehicles to complete missions.
You can upgrade your bike and own the highest-spec bike.

Waiting for the best motorcycle rider in the world!
Jump into the world of infinite racing right now!

High-quality 3D graphics
Camera view from 1st person to 3rd person
30 types of unique motorcycles
Intuitive control with a variety of controllers
Actual environmental variables such as snow, rain, day and night
Races in various cities around the world
Bike, helmet and suit customizing
Bike (motorcycle) upgrade system such as torque, brake, cornering, etc.

Game Tip
The faster the speed, the higher the score.
The closer you overtake near the vehicle, the more bonus points you can get.

Real Moto Traffic user reviews :

The game is fun but the rewards for each level are no where near enough to get new bikes. And to purchase a new bike that will get you further, you are looking at 20 to 100 dollars. Yes you get crates but it is one per new race and the chances are so low. Please make it easier to progriin the game or give more opportunity for crates that have better chances.

  • Greetings. Player! Thank you for enjoying our game and your precious review! We really appreciate your advice. We will strive to create a better game for you. Thank you for your patience and support.

The game is good. Graphics are good, controls are good but the problem is purchasing a new bike is not easy in this game it needs 20 to 200 crates. I request to the developers please improve this game and make easy to purchase a new bike.

  • Thank you for sharing your opinion with us. We will take note of your suggestion and look for possible implications as we make improvements to the game.

I checked the video and the graphics is stunning. But when i downloaded the app i can’t seem to open it. I’m currently using an android 10 phone, please fix this ASAP. I will change the rating if this is fixed

I give 1 star because. I installed this app. An hour ago. And i spend real money for full pkg. Of C class bike, and i received it. After i finished playing i guit. then after an hour, I open it again and i noticed that the package is no longer available. dreamplay games. Would you please fix this issue.

The game is good… also the graphics are very smooth.The problem is…it is hard to get new bikes.And when you draw crates the chance to get a bike are too low… please make it easy for players to get new bikes…

This game is so good and I like because the skin can give me a coins and money

Excellent, fun and challenging. Good graphics and very smooth to play. Thanks for offline mode.

Too hard to play especially that you need to buy parts just for upgrades and to buy motorcycles you really need to work hard for it. If you’re gonna play this to relax i suggest not downloading it.

  • Greetings. Player! Thank you for enjoying our game and your precious review! We really appreciate your advice. We will strive to create a better game for you. Thank you for your patience and support.

Best Traffic rider or best alternative or real competetor to it, on mobile

A lot about Traffic moto commences with you as the driver. Know more about your experience so you can enjoy dangerous riding. I can believe others are more likely to star in it.

It is a very nice game I think it is the best game I have ever played but not better than payback 2 Thanks

I cordially request the developers to add free ride mode, then the game will be best,hope you guys will take my suggestion, although it is a great game

Graphics is good, Controls is the standard control for real motors but it is hard buy other motors

Love to ride bikes, this game allows you to do it safely in a virtual world. No one really has to die which is good to me and I bet a bunch of other players

It’s Good i mean real Good but it’s hard to buy some bikes and no freeride or endless still love it keep up the Good work

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