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Wide LauncherWide Launcher is a totally different concept from the standard, existing launchers for Android.

The home screen is expanded 3x as wide, and you can place an array of items for use on the screen.

Use the provided various palettes and applets (mini-apps) to more easily utilize your smartphone, and decorate your home screen with diverse wallpapers, frames, stickers, icons, and more.

Wide Home Screen
1. Offers 3x wider home screen
2. Smooth scrolling with page breaks
3. Unrestricted app/object placement (not restricted to Tile view)

Free & Diverse Decorative Themes
1. 300 wide wallpapers
2. 200 decor stickers
3. 200 diverse app icon styles
4. 200 quality picture frames

Intelligent Screen
1. Automatically made app palette
2. Smart applet with diverse functions
3. Automated picture frames

Social share theme
1. Offers home screen share feature
2. Can easily download diverse themes

Hellopet with 10mil Downloads
1. Offers more than 10 Hellopets
2. Make your smartphone come to life with Hellopet!

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Privacy Policy
Wide Launcher stores app information placed on the home screen on the server to provide the same home screen settings on other devices. The information is safely stored according to the management policy of the company, and is automatically deleted when unregistering.

Why we offer an accessibility service
Our accessibility service has the purposes of letting you turn off your phone’s screen with a gesture and open recent apps with a gesture. The service is optional, disabled by default, and neither collects nor shares any data.


Wide Launcher user reviews :

I love the idea of this launcher and enjoy it’s flexibility in many ways. Two stars is because I just can’t use it when everyday, multiple times, my Google calendar widget disappears and the app icons I put in the base bar. I’ve emailed about this issue but it’s not been resolved. Time to use another launcher.

The app has improved. The network error dialogue was resolved. New review. The app is a nice unique design but lacks in customization. The app drawer for example. The vertical browsing experience is dull because we can’t customize the icons in size and limited to a few sorting methods.

This app would be getting a 5 star for me if it was able to use different wallpapers and wasn’t making them look so pixelated and ugly…..but other than that! I reallylike that I am able to customize my wallpaper all on my own!!a lot of launchers like to give a set pack or theme and I don’t like that…so I really like this launcher!! I will keep using it in the future, but hopefully you can fix the wallpaper issue!!

Works well. I like the home screen design, my only problem with the launcher is the apps page you can’t edit it and the bottom line, when you go onto the apps page isn’t nice too look at. Perhaps moving it to the setting page on the launcher would be better.

I spent hours setting up my home screen, downloaded paid custom icon packs, background images, etc, only to have this launcher crash and lose everything 3 times. Cannot find anything beyond a YouTube video for tips or support. I would recommend finding a different launcher.

Thid app deserves 5 stars but the only thing keeping it from it is that it doesn’t support full screen navigation mode. It works only with navigation buttons in the bottom. Plzz make it so we can use it on full screen navigation

I love the apk and concept but there is one issue that I have facing time to time whenever I open a heavy game on my phone the setup was changed and the settings Wii be as default I don’t know why this is happening to me. It always irritating me exept this problem the apk is my favourite launcher that I have used

You won’t believe how i fall in love with this artistic UI launcher. So classy and artistic but im truly blown away by its many unique features, which my toddler knows how to customize it for more convenience a phone owner should be eligible to have. So for all the teams who were involved in creating a launcher which is both beautiful and user-superfridndly… Forever i quote, me and friends who has changing launchers like underwear but since we download “wide”…. We remain faithful.God bless.

Getting frustrated again every time I restart my phone the app takes me back to square one… I mean all the settings go back to its default even if the automatic back up is checked so I must do the settings over and over again every time I restart my phone

This launcher is the best one I have come across, everything about the app is great but the only problem is, there is no “follow” option to follow theme creators who’s themes I like and who like my themes. Please add this feature and this app will be the greatest one among all.

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