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Real Snooker 3D The best 3D Snooker game is here! The ultimate addictive fun snooker game.

Challenge your friends to matches or play against the AI players in the best snooker game.
Real Snooker 3D is one of the most realistic and enjoyable snooker games available on mobile.

Play standard Snooker Mode and Practice Mode. So if you arere a snooker fan, there is something for you to play in Real Snooker 3D.

Customize your pool table by choosing the color and cloth patterns you like.

Have you ever thought about playing billiards on a real table, Real Snooker 3D is the perfect way to try a variety of games. Real life graphics and angles to help improve your skills. Play Practice mode if you just want to relax and play without any rules.


Snooker Mode and Practice Mode.
Play with the Computer Player.
Pass & Play with friends.
1 or 2 player
Spin / English Control.
10 Characters to choose from.
3 AI Difficulty Levels.
6 Table Colors.
5 Table Patterns.
6 Cues to choose from.
Realistic Physics.
Stunning 3D graphics.
Relaxing Musics.

So what you waiting for? Download now for FREE.

Break through the 3d pool rack and enjoy snooker wherever you want.

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Real Snooker 3D user reviews :

The best thing about this app was that there have been minimal ads so far! No advertising that gets irritating, just pure a game of snookers very brilliantly execution of the overall all and it’s design!!! Best snooker app seen here till date!

Love it. So far, this is the best game I have played. Most of the other games are lies, not all of them, they show something interesting, but when you play it is not the same. Thank you keep up the great work.

Very interested game. My best scores was 139 to null. But most of the time the computer wins.

Great images , colours etc. However, it’s rather annoying when you’re in the middle of compiling a high break that you get a “concede” message. This needs amending and be presented when the player making the beak has completed his turn. Another issue I have with this game is the number of times , when lining up a shot and your finger is away from the power and/ cue, you find that the cue plays a shot . Had enough of this now. Will find a better game

The game play is convenient and the ads don’t disturb as much . Good game but still needs improvements

Very realistic just like being at the crucible in Sheffield in the online world I ve played 3 games and won 3 games at hard level my best break is 127 a total clearance

Apart from you can not reply shots aprt from that it a grat game to play and realistic graphics

It’s very nice only problem is we must choose our own match if it was rondom it will have been great

The top of the heap when it comes to realistic snooker. It has yet to get better than right here.

Absolutely Love this Game ! Wonderful Design and Beautiful Graphics

UPDATED COMMENT: I wanted to say that I wish the music was OFF when you start the game and if you want the music ON while you play then you go into the settings and you turn it on. Not the other way around. Tks. Great game. Absolutely enjoy playing it. I personally find the music distracting as in a real snooker match there is no music, would be nice to have the music turned off and if you want it than you turn it on. For the tutorial option, please use the game rules; i can hit any balls and i do not get a warning that the shots are not legal. Otherwise, very good and balanced game. Thank you for a great game.

  • Hi Mario, thank you for the awesome review, if you want to turn off the music, please go to the Audio section in the Settings screen, there will be a Music Volume slider, move the slider thumb all the way towards left, and the music will be turned off.

Yeah, it’s good but soon becomes too easy. A score of 147 is not difficult and the computer struggles to score over 26. The computer should challenge you more and not miss easy shots. Foul points are incorrect giving, a maximum of 4 points. Including a swerve shot would be useful. Not too many advertising and on the whole it’s a good game for beginners.

Quite realistic game physics and easy to understand controls. However, let down by the fact that the CPU seldom breaks off. Also, the CPU will often play a deliberate foul shot if snookered, sometimes leaving you in a position where you can’t hit a ball or make a pot. In the real game would be called a miss and the ‘CPU’ could be required to shoot again, after the balls had been replaced.

Fun simple snooker game. It’s basic and could be expanded but it’s free and works well. Only problem I have is with the CPU, I started off on easy setting. It doesn’t seem to matter how difficult you make the shot for the CPU, it’s like the CPU just does a probability calculation whether it’ll miss the shot or not regardless of it being easy or across the table. Would be nice if this could be tweaked so I can make challenging shots for the CPU.

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