Solitaire Crime Stories – Unraveling the mysteries of the town of Springdale

[Game] Solitaire Crime Stories

Solitaire Crime Stories Solitaire Crime Stories is an exciting new Solitaire game which will carry you away into a world of fascinating criminal investigations, colorful characters and stunning locations.

Test your skills by completing interesting levels and unraveling the mysteries of the town of Springdale!
Springdale is a small American town that lives in peace and quiet… but that’s only at first glance.

Everyone hides secrets here, secrets that could tear this carefree town apart. Mysterious murders and dark family secrets are only some of the riddles for our young journalist heroine Lana Whitt to unravel. With the support of Assistant Sheriff Bill Maite and your deductive powers, she is ready to go to the very end in her search for the truth. Examine crime scenes, analyze clues and interrogate suspects — a deep dive into the world of real detective work awaits you so you can apprehend the wrongdoers. Forget about your everyday problems and enter a world of investigations, secrets and malevolent plots in this unique virtual detective tale.

Solitaire Crime Stories is a game about the exciting adventures of journalist Lana Whitt and her assistant Bill. Visit all of the different corners of Springdale and talk to dozens of colorful characters — from pizza delivery men to ruthless gangsters! Get inspired and fascinated by the many stories written in the tradition of the best English detective fiction!

To solve the crimes, players need to develop their Solitaire playing skills. Solitaire Crime Stories will appeal to both novices and masters of the genre, because the game can provide hours of interesting plays and fascinating puzzles. Powerful boosters will help you complete even the most complex level, letting you to clear the playing field even in the space of a few seconds.

Tired of investigating? Then meet Max, the cute kitten which is waiting for you, always ready to play and have fun. Complete Solitaire levels to take care of the kitten and play with him, as well as making him new toys and decorations.

The many features of Solitaire Crime Stories include:

solving fascinating puzzles to find clues and solve crimes
visiting unique locations and meeting many interesting characters
playing hundreds of levels of Solitaire
playing with Max the kitten in a separate game mode
playing offline without worrying about an Internet connection
enjoying the wonderful graphics, colorful characters and gorgeous locations
untangling the knot of mysteries in the town of Springdale

Lana Whitt is waiting for your help in investigating the crimes that have shaken this little town. Only your Solitaire victories will help her find the trails of cunning criminals! Become a Solitaire master and a talented detective in one in Solitaire Crime Stories!

Solitaire Crime Stories user reviews :

I really like the game and the graphics are wonderful, but watching a 30 sec ad after each game gets annoying. If there was an option to pay for the game without the ads I would definitely keep playing. But it’s just too time consuming, sorry I am going to uninstall.

  • Hi, you can remove Ads by ANY in-app purchase!

Loving this game, the music, the plot line, the graphics. It is getting harder to win levels already though (circa level 60), but that’s usual with most games. Just hope the levels don’t become impossible to win any time soon.

  • Thank you for your suggestions. We will recommend them to the related department.

Don’t play if you don’t spend… you only get 1 star per level, and no coins. Everything in the game costs a ridiculous amount of coins and you can’t recover from spending enough to even get more “lives”. If it’s just for you to play once in awhile, that might work, but the levels are impossible sometimes. Also, the amount of times you can watch videos to help yourself is stagnant. You can only watch one video every 10x you fail a level so then you’re out of coins and can’t continue. Deleting…

  • Sorry to hear you are unsatisfied with the progress of the updates. I hope you can enjoy our app again in the future.

I like the game and don’t even mind the ads, if only they didn’t pop up in the middle of the hand. Game picks up where ad came in. Other than that the game is pretty interesting.

This is a time wasting horrible game. No card deals work out. I get the feeling they want to force you to buy hearts

I just started playing this game, and so far I like it. The story is really cute. Overall it is a really fun game.

I like this game but you have to hit the button to get stars to play the next game. But I’m going to keep trying to see if it gets any better. Thank!

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