Rebirth of Chaos – You decide the rules

[Game] Rebirth of Chaos – Eternal saga

Rebirth of Chaos  New Battle Royale Mode
A chicken dinner battle where you decide the rules. Bows and steel clashing for glory, 40-person quick battles, and heart-pounding encounters that’ll test your skills.

Uber stylish Magic Mecha Transforms
Upgrade Magic Mechas to enhance their structures and forge a one-of-a-kind skin.
Vie for resource collection points with other guilds in Starry Struggle!

Take out Bosses to pick up Epic Gear
Eliminate rare Demon God Bosses as a team, and take on hundred-player dungeons to slay monsters for Epic Gear!
Truly random drop rates; even mobs drop Epic Gear. Going to work? Get on AFK farming! Getting off work? Take home your new Epic Gear!

Free trade system, guaranteed value gear
Sell gear and set the price. Low-cost, Epic Gear guaranteed!
No need to toss that old gear. Sell it for big bucks!

100+ stylish skins to choose from
Over a hundred super sweet Costumes for you to customize. Forge your own unique skin, or unlock accomplishments to get some for free.
Frost Dragon, Gilded Dragon, and others up to dozens of Fantasy Beast Mounts for you to choose from. Traverse the Land of Chaos on beasts of legend and lore!

Make friends and fight by their side
Follow your heart and find that special someone. Find your soulmate on the Land of Chaos!
Join forces with your friends to cultivate barren lands, explore mysterious oceans, and uncover hidden treasures!

Tons of modes and diverse gameplay
Hellish Bosses, Coliseum Battlegrounds, Leaderboard PvP… Break through all barriers to dominate them all!
6 major classes mean 6 totally different experiences. Light up whatever talents your heart desires, and cultivate exclusive skills for the battlefield!

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Rebirth of Chaos user reviews :

Its a fun game it just costs way too many gems to play in an certain events. The only way to get a single spin in 1 of the events is to top-up 10k gems. Thats atleast 150$ for a single spin. And here i thought devs couldnt become more greedy… *sigh* edit- ontop of that you have to keep topping up gems in order to keep your VIP.

No originality, just a other auto play so call RPG… but basically is a idle farm game. No skills or knowledge needed. Just press the quest button and the game does everything for u … 1 star…

Please help I need support!!! When trying to teleport to a different region map it says “unable to use teleport runes on a different faction map”, I donated too much for this to start happening! Please help!!!

Decent graphics and gameplay, fair upgrade system, and reliable log-on. Unfortunately, the auto idle does tend to “hesitate” and this is probably because it waits for another technique to recharge before progressing and this often sacrifices crucial time during a fight. Outside of that, allow players to at least tweak the appearance of their character and this mmo is actually decent. there are many p2w aspects but the devs do need money to keep the servers alive and functional.

I love this game =) There are many bugs atm but hopefully, the maintenance update will help. There is a problem with lagging in events that have several players at once. Sometimes I have to restart the game several times to participate. There are plenty of things to do in game to build your character’s strength and if you are impatient, the ability to pay for premium items. So far, it’s quite enjoyable.

Takes so long to get items to upgrade, unless you are paying. When you finally get the right item, and enough of them to upgrade, it usually fails to upgrade. It is a definite pay to play game, if you dont pay, you are just spinning your wheels and will not win in any event. There are plenty of games to play look elsewhere, or just throw your money away and play.

A few big bugs in the game have lowered my review. The biggest is the chat issue. Every day at some point it cuts out and I can’t send or receive messages. This happens for numerous people I play with. Another is the “luck” system. There is no luck involved. Unless the luck bar is maxed there is zero chance of a premium reward. Also, boss drops have changed substantially. I used to be able to acquire good items at least once every 3 bosse, and premium items never drop anymore.

Fairly good, especially for a small game with a small player base. However! I don’t like that the whole screen of events and other items can’t be minimized, just a whole bunch of clutter. It constantly in the “Get Power” menu showing the “Equip” for the love ring, when its not in my inventory.

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