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[Game] The Legend of Neverland

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In the world of The Legend of Neverland, the fantasy kingdom, Cabala, is waiting for all adventurers to explore! Here’s a warm reminder from our Miru, “Go as far as possible to every corner of the world, you will get unexpected fun!”

The Legend of Neverland is an MMORPG fantasy adventure game in the style of Japanese anime.
In the game, under the protection of the ancestors and flower fairies, you will fight with friends from all over the world, crusading the dark creature together, so as to resolve the crisis of Cabala. Except during battle, this vast and beautiful world is open for you to travel. Enjoy fishing, cooking, and building your own homeland in your leisure time.

Explore the World and Reveal the Mysteries
An adventure game of high freedom degree, you can cross this mysterious world,
Explore and discover numerous well-designed quests and surprises,
Every encounter and battle makes you stronger.

Fight Together with Flower Fairies
In the journey of adventure, recruit powerful and lovely flower fairies through the Links to assist yourself in battle,
Join this adventure and uncover the mysteries of the world with Marigold, Balloon Flower, Chestnut Rose and many other flower fairies.

Various Classes, Free Fighting
Create your own look by customizing the shape and color of your face, hair, eyes and fashion,
You can switch between swordsman, ranger, scholar, craftsman and other classes at any time, and use different weapons to crusade the enemy.
Collaborate with teammates to attack PVE dungeons and defeat powerful bosses
Compete with other adventurers in PVP matches and challenge for the highest honor!

Rich Life and Joy Creation
A variety of interesting leisure games for you. No matter you want to go fishing or cook food today,
Or go to the forest to catch insects, you can choose as you like,
While you are taking a rest, you can also get a variety of equipment materials,
Go and level up your life skills!

Elf Miru, Multi-grade Evolution※
Your personal elf – Miru,
Accompanies players on the journey, as the players’ strength grows,
Miru itself will gradually evolve into a more reliable partner!

The Legend of Neverland user reviews :

This is an alright game. It’s not too different from other mobile MMO’s such as Genshin Impact. The art work is stellar though. I love the auto fight, and auto adventure for times when I can’t personally control my character but still want to play. I love the open world ability to explore the map when I feel like it as well. Being able to change your class at anytime is pretty cool too. I just started so I’m not far into the story line, yet. So that part is currently slow development.

I really like playing it. Not very different from other MMOs, though. But the graphics and the world I’ve discovered so far were really. It’s super nice to just travel. It’s pretty casual, doesn’t have a wiki and isn’t skill based. I gave it 5 stars for music, voices and gfx plus animations

Quite enjoyable and easy to get the hang of. Good progress though it halts as all the things that give you Exp have a limit per day, I’d like to have some semblance of unlimited progress even if I decide to leave the game open on auto. A couple of glitches here and there, for example fairy skill animations sometimes come up and don’t allow you to dodge boss main attacks. Overall really enjoying it and can’t wait to see what comes next.

It’s not a bad game, but it definitely has problems. The only engagement is when you’re fighting, the rest is automatic. I’ve had to restart the app multiple times when it gets disconnected and gotten stuck in a cutscene loop. In one of the opening cutscenes where you get your starter fairy, my character sprite was different. This isn’t strange considering it’s a new game, but they do need to be fixed.

I think the game was great. The gameplay is pretty good and I’m getting a hang of the system. One thing the game could work on might be the tutorial and story? I’m really lost on the main story plus it feels like we the players are just doing small quests and I’m not sure if there is a big villain or a big problem for us to face. Anyways I still think the stuff not about the story is great.

Brand new game as of yesterday but I would never have known. The graphics and game itself are great! The storyline is well thought out and the English translation is pretty accurate. I’m not trying to discern what the translation is supposed to mean. There’s a lot of customization available but so far the game is mostly free and operates on how much time you dedicate to it. The auto attack has some small issues and some map and quest things need to be updated but so far nothing major.

The art, style, game play is pretty good. I like the customization you can do to your avatar/character. So far following the story is pretty good, took a bit for the story to really grab you and keep you in without wanting to skip. Battle style, and controls are fairly easy to get a hold of if you aren’t using auto battle. Overall I think this is a pretty good game to get into. In game purchases look to be cheap and not ask for 2 paychecks worth to buy one thing which is nice. Keep it up!

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