RebirthM – An engaging story in the form of various quests

[Game] RebirthM

RebirthM  Experience the same emotions of a PC MMORPG Adventure, War, and Fantasy within a sprawling open world We invite you to the world of Rebirth M.

You can experience the following when playing Rebirth M

An engaging story in the form of various quests
High graphical quality that pleases the eye
Seriously dynamic action and satisfying combat
A vast open world that calls PC MMORPGs to mind
Diverse content and PVP
A bustling guild community for player interactions

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RebirthM user reviews :

This game is the best I played so far. I played a lot of mmorpg in my college yeara and after that. The creator is so thoughtful and do know what makes the game better than other games. The ones that are complaining, they are not real gamers with profession. This game is amazing! It just need a little adjustments to make it perfect. In pvp pots and heal should be removed. Life steal should be introduce on the max levels or levels 600-700. Trade or selling items player to player should be allowed

Before you play Rebirth M, make sure your device can properly run it. DO NOT GIVE THIS GAME A LOW RATING JUST BECAUSE YOU DON’T KNOW HOW TO CORRECTLY USE A MOBILE DEVICE FOR GAMING PURPOSES. ***EDUCATE YOURSELF ON YOUR PHONE (OR TABLET) BEFORE YOU PLAY ANY MOBILE GAME. Anyway, this game is great and has quality gameplay and graphics. The company is new so of course there will be issues here and there. Overall, you will enjoy this game better if you know the specs of your device and enjoy mmos.

connection failed please try again. i use wifi n change into 4 region but still cant download. did this game have capture character pose n victory pose? i want to make wallpaper for my phone n pc
  • Good day Rebirther! How’s it going? We’re very sorry for the trouble this has caused you. Please make sure that your internet connection is stable and no other Apps are running while playing RebirthM. Let us know if you still experience the problem. We’ll provide a high quality images soon.

amazing graphics, game play and story line. and the very important is, its not a pay to win game. suggestion to all who have a crushing problems. close other app. if it doesnt work, it means your phone have a low specs.. good job developers..

The game itself is outstanding. It’s like the combination of Lineage 2 + MU Origin with deeper aspect and gameplay. The equipment and armor box prices should be cheaper though. I spent over 3k gold caret and only get 1 legendary weapon. It’s a pity this great game only get no more than 500k downloads, I think Developer needs to use money to advertise this game more robust. Keep up!
  • Hi there! We appreciate you giving your feedback on RebirthM. This inspires us to continuously improve our game. Enjoy! Keep in touch with us! Facebook page: Community page: CS 1:1 Inquiry:
Very good Game!! First try when still on Oceania server, then after global release just patch update and now the game is playing well on SEA server.. Just need some minor fix like an option to switch character fast and party fix.. Gameplay is too easy at first then after lvling up it goes harder. Nice graphics, well balanced characters & pvp, and good storyline..
  • Hi there! Thank you for sharing your thoughts about RebirthM. Your input means a lot to us. We will do our best to continuously improve our game. Keep in touch with us! Facebook page: Community page: Customer Service page:

Absolutely stunning game. The joystick movement can be better but overall still an amazing game. Extremely suitable for ex-WOW players who left WOW due to family/work commitments. This is the bomb!

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