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Ruin LegendUse auto clicker automatic tap to defeat fantasy dragon legends in the best afk rpg offline idle games free. Explore the world with epic heroes in fun magic roleplay!

Autoclicker and strong phone glass will hero level up and help you reach the top rank one


level up click damage to defeat fantasy dragon legends faster
Use and upgrade autoclicker automatic tap to make it last longer with monster hunter
Activate your skills for a quick victory in new roleplay action adventure offline idle games
level up the effectiveness of all skills in funny casual afk rpg
Unlock new best anime character and upgrade Permanent Damage in roleplay
Tap tap progression your anime character and unlock their extra abilities
Find rare pets to increase your power and explore the world in afk rpg offline idle games
Gain experience and upgrade progression skills monster hunter in endless fun magic roleplay
Move to new casual stages and get more gold in action adventure
Play casual afk rpg offline idle games free and collect rewards from unique chests
Tap tap fast to hunt a funny leprechaun and get a cool reward
Treasure hunt and find collection of map pieces to get millions of gold
Open various good gifts in afk rpg offline idle games
Build a collection of funny trophy and achievements to top rank one with monster hunter
Watch how the cool new roleplay play itself, with auto clicker automatic tap
Explore the world in this fun roleplay new Ruin Legend – funny afk rpg offline idle games!


Path of the fantasy dragon legends to top rank one
Play fun endless progression Path of the Legend Mode to increase your top rank one, find map in good treasure hunt, defeat in fight battle monster hunter thousands of enemy and get millions of gold in afk rpg offline idle games. Use the autoclicker automatic tap to speed up gameplay and level up clickers skills in magic funny roleplay. Only the best players will hero and get top rank one in the Ruin Legend action adventure roleplay fun!

Roguelike Fight battle monster hunter – Сhallenge
Roguelike fight battle with casual enemy against the clock in afk rpg offline idle games. The better will hero and skills progression power, the more fantasy dragon and other funny monsters you can defeat. Get a cool reward for every new roleplay attempt – treasure hunt. Upgrade and level up your skills and fight battle again to take more gold and fun in free afk rpg. How many casual funny monsters will it take to stop best player in endless roguelike mode?

Fight battle monster hunter and tap tap fast
Defeat each monster one by one in afk rpg offline idle games free. More than 50 unique casual enemies are waiting to fight battle with a new epic heroes in roleplay. Use your best skills progression and autoclicker to the maximum. Level up anime character. Tap tap fast to end the fight as quickly as possible. The faster the victory, the greater the reward in afk rpg roguelike action adventure!

Fight battle monster hunter – Trophy
The gameplay mode is specially made for collectors top rank one. Roleplay fight only those monsters from which the trophy has not yet in collection. Gather a collection of trophy and achievements in free afk rpg offline idle games!

The anime character and pets deal automatic damage to the casual enemy. But they need help in roguelike roleplay free! Tap tap fast to damage funny enemy, upgrade skill progression and get more gold in afk rpg offline idle games. Auto clicker treasure hunt will give a lot of gold. Use the auto clicker and watch the cool monsters get defeated one by one.

Join to new magic roleplay and play fun action adventure offline idle games! Click, click, click to become a top rank one, or use autoclicker automatic tap and level up epic heroes!

Ruin Legend user reviews :

This really needs to have offline progress gains with the gold, chest and pet progression systems as well. Im not certain if I am missing anything but I feel that the gold gain from enemies is really low even though im at a really high stage. Maybe an ad system where you can watch quick ads to get permanent boosts to your gold, exp, damage, and gem gains?

  • Thanks for the feedback. To increase the amount of gold, you can improve the “gold” skill, click more, increase the chance of coins falling out, complete quests, etc. Lots of factors. An update will be released this week with new ways to get gold. New game modes and features will be added. Offline income is planned, but not in the next update.

Very fun clicker with many achievements and lots of different things to upgrade. Only downside for me so far is that there doesn’t seem to be a max level for characters. Other than that very fun

great spin on a stale genre. I am enjoying it. will support the dev with a little cash because their last game was fun and I want to see this game grow. while I am spending money, my concern is that there is no cloud save. I hope to see that added.

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