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ReFactory Do you want to build an amazing world that will work according to your laws?

Then welcome to ReFactory, a sandbox strategy game where you have to build an automated factory on an alien planet.

Play the first mission for free!A single purchase unlocks the full game with all the ingame missions and Custom game options.

(Free first mission gives 1-2 hours of gameplay, you can replay as many times as you like, plus “Puzzles”. After purchasing the full version, you can go through all 4 missions of the game and activate the “Custom game” mode. All subsequent updates will not require payment.)

The navigation system was destroyed and the spacecraft crashed. The crew is scattered throughout the unknown planet, most of the equipment is broken. You are the artificial intelligence of the ship. Your task is to build a city and restore equipment to find a team and return home.

LOOK FOR RESOURCES. Copper and iron ore, timber and crystals, granite and oil … The extraction of these resources is only the beginning of the journey. You have to build equipment, conduct electricity, improve the performance of systems. With each step you will develop the city, although it will all start with a few granite stones.

EXPLORE NEW LANDS. Expand your boundaries! Gradually, you will open more and more territories, and this is a great opportunity for the construction of new factories and the growth of your city.

BUILD AND AUTOMATE FACTORIES. Produce more complex things in your own 2D world. Every resource, every new invention and building gives you tons of opportunities. Copper ore can be used to make wire, then make an electrically conductive cable, and then an assembly machine. So keep progressing!

DEVELOP TECHNOLOGIES. Move from simple technologies to microelectronics, chemical reactions, explosives and plastics. Build a factory and then a whole network of factories. More technology means more opportunities and a higher chance of finding a crew.

DEFEND THE CITY FROM ALIEN INVADERS. Fight with them on your own and upgrade your skills. Building solid walls is the first step in defense. Create mines and powerful cannons, fight with chemical weapons and arm drones — your faithful assistants.

CONSIDER YOUR ONLINE STRATEGY. ReFactory is not just about building production sites. This is a world that lives by your rules and knows the cost of every mistake. Misuse of resources will stop development, and outdated technologies will prevent an attack from repelling. So think a few steps ahead and keep your factory safe.

Consider many factors to design your interaction processes: electricity conduction, copper recycling, plant acceleration, economic strategy. New information is introduced gradually, so you quickly get used to it and begin to navigate intuitively.

The main features:

There is no manual labor in the game: everything is automated, drones work for you.
Depending on the mode, the player is assisted by a digital assistant, but if you understand the gameplay, start building a city without it.
Choose the type of land, the degree of danger of the planet and the amount of resources. If you are not interested in repelling attacks, remove the appearance of monsters in the settings and solve engineering problems.
Play puzzles when you’re comfortable: develop infrastructure without using conveyors or in tight spaces.
But here you do not need to “drive” the rendered character across the screen — you are watching the process from above.

It doesn’t matter how good you are at strategy: start with the easy level and gradually progress to the hard! On the subway, on the way to work or at lunchtime — build a city and enjoy the game. All you need is a phone for you to develop strategic skills, develop multitasking and enjoy it.

We will wait for feedback, improve the game and release updates.

Your ReFactory Team.

ReFactory user reviews :

The positives: the game is free to try without any ads, the UI is clean and actually rather intuitive. The negatives: constant alien attacks, aggression against the player FAR exceeds defensive capabilities, meteorites destroying your equipment, resource nodes expiring faster than you can establish new ones, absolutely brutal learning curve that demands you excel or find a different game. Thank you for the free trial, but this isn’t the pace I’m personally looking for in a time-wasting game

Factorio-like but with some unique ideas of its own. Great graphics, amazing soundtrack, extremely optimized even for lower spec’d devices suprisingly. Hours of gameplay. That is, until you get tired of how unbalanced the weapons vs alien attacks are as well as how quickly resources deplete and you get frustrated before even finishing all the campaign levels and just never come back to it. If they tweaked those two things, this game would be epic.

Do you like frustrating games? Do you enjoy supply chain woes? Then this game is for you. Simple enough to start, but quite challenging pretty quickly. You think you’re doing fine, then you run out of resources and it takes the next two hours to finish the last quarter of the mission. The story isn’t great, and it gets grindy, but it’s also a decent time suck.

  • Thank you for your feedback! We always collect user’s feedback and emails that we can apply with updates. If you need tips on how to play, please join our official Discord server. There you will find a responsive community of players who are always ready to help.

First chapter can’t be finished, i was at the task of building platforms. Is it bug or what. Nice game hope to pay in the future. from 3 to 5 star i just played the game again its still so good. hopefully there will be a short tutorial on new buildings and etc. map editor more add ons. add more buildings please and more bigger map. content its simple and can be played offline.

  • Hey! Thanks for your feedback. We’re sorry to hear that you have some problems with our game. Please feel free to contact via support[at] and tell us more about your situation, we may help you to solve it. Regards, ReFactory Team

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