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Doomsday Last Survivors Doomsday: Last Survivors is a zombie survival game with multiplayer online competition and real-time strategy elements.

Set in a near future where zombies have taken over the world, survivors must fight for their lives and humanity’s future. As the Commander, you must lead fellow survivors to build their Shelter, explore fog-filled areas, and fight the zombies and rival factions! Are you tired of the usual strategy games and love zombie games? Check out Doomsday: Last Survivors to experience one of the most exciting survival games!

Game Highlights

New Tower Defense Gameplay
Find new ways to beat your enemies in one of the coolest strategy games! Skilled survivors will join you to explore this fallen world oozing with the infected. Stay sharp, set up ideal Hero formations, and construct fortifications to survive the zombie invasion!

Survival of the Fittest
Lead troops and civilians in your Shelter! Exterminate zombies to survive the apocalypse, or raid other Shelters to sustain your own. You can also form an alliance and fight enemies with your allies in one of the best survival games!

A Realistic Doomsday Experience
The crisis continues to loom over us in a cruel world where it’s kill or be killed. Want to experience one of the best immersive survival experiences in zombie games? Look no further! Check out the realistic spherical terrain system with convenient zoom controls that enable close-up Shelter views to satellite views. Download Doomsday: Last Survivors today!

Strategic Battles
Become the best at survival games by utilizing everything you can find. Train multiple troop types and execute diverse battle strategies with Hero skills and attacks to outlast the zombie hordes.

Unique Heroes
Realistic and exciting Hero designs portray survivors from different walks of life. Recruit talented Heroes to help lead your troops, defend your Shelter, and beat one of the best strategy games!

Commander, are you ready to survive the apocalypse?
Become the best at zombie games with your strength and wits!

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Doomsday Last Survivors user reviews :

Tap to move is fine, but drag to move doesn’t work all the time. People aren’t computers that they can precisely drag something to an exact location, and then drag another something, all the while being attacked by another two somethings. It would be fine if it worked all the time, but when you’re being attacked and dragging just moves the screen it can really get annoying.

  • Hi there! The Doomsday: Last Survivors team is always ready to assist players in need. You can email us at[at] Thank you!

Heroes, armies, stratagies, and mostly cookie cutter in the way it’s played compared to other games like it. The campaign and dream mode are a little too reliant on pack buying. Free to play players won’t ever get the most unique items which is unfair. Glad it has free growth perks though. Other games want you to pay just because you level up. Also the heroes take forever to level up once they pass level 20.

It’s alright. You have to build and then keep expanding your base to progress, not a revolutionary game by any means, and the story is your basic Zombie outbreak have to build a shelter to survive, but it manages to find a way to keep it interesting that’s all I care about. I’d say it’s more of a casual/time waster game rather than something to grind for but it’s worth it if you like this type of game I guess

It’s another base builder although they do have a little innovation, and did things a little different from most others. There’s more interactive gameplay with a little bit of strategy involved in the “direct combat.” But the characters are very very cliche and cringe. The fact that they did put some more thought into it and had some original ideas deserves the extra star.

  • Thank you for your feedback. We will work hard to provide a better gaming experience for all players. If you have any further input or suggestions, kindly email us at[at] Thank you for your support.

Pretty fun so far. I downloaded as a selection via the get paid to play all Mistplay and I must say this one is really fun (tbh all the ones I’ve selected have been but with how many different choices one gets it would be silly to choose anything that isn’t) anyyyways. Just a quick note for anyone experiencing start up issues, I couldn’t get my game to load past 55% initially, I was able to fix the error by disabling my wifi and playing with data. Hope that helps atleast 1 person. Happy hunting!

Latest Update :

1. New Lethal Outbreak event. (Available after a Federation has been launched for a set number of days.)
2. New Squad Skins. Can be activated at Headquarters-Skins-Squad Skins when obtained.
3. Added Season Stats for Recovery of Pompeii event.
4. Other bug fixes and optimizations.

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