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ReflectlyReflectly is the number one journaling app that’s like your best friend.

Vent your thoughts & feelings to track your mood & increase happiness. Get daily insights & explore how you feel with your own digital diary. It’s the world’s first intelligent journal app that gives you personalized morning motivation & affirmations the more you use it.


How you’re feeling on a daily basis matters. Reflectly is a personal journal driven by AI to enable you to deal with negative thoughts & increase positivity.

Be prepared to reduce stress, develop gratitude & get insights in every aspect of your life. Looking after your mental fitness should always be a priority.

Reflectly uses positive psychology, mindfulness & cognitive behavioural therapy to help you thrive. It gives you the personal tools & mindset to improve your mood, & build a cycle of positivity with our habit tracker. Fancy a bit of self-dating? Reflectly supports your self-care journey.

Never journaled before? No need to worry, our intelligent journal system gives you personalized prompts & affirmations to help you combat any anxiety you’re facing & increase gratitude. Begin building a healthier lifestyle rooted in mindfulness.


Journaling is a respected method to improve your mood, motivation & mental health. Psychologists, therapists & leading industry experts reaffirm this. It’s time to invest in your self-care routine & use your Reflectly diary now.


Write down how you feel each day. Use reflectly for morning motivation & daily quotes, as a mood tracker throughout the day, or whenever you need to vent.
Using AI & smart tech, Reflectly helps you by showing you mood correlations & graphs. Been stressed for the last 10 days & can’t pin-point why? Our habit tracker has the answers.
We ask personalized questions based on your journal entries so you can reflect deeper, solve problems & express gratitude.
Read or edit previous journal entries.
Receive daily, weekly, & monthly overviews with personalized insights.


We’d love to hear about your Reflectly experience. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any feedback or questions:

Facebook –
Instagram – @reflectlyapp
Twitter – @reflectlyapp
Email – :)

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Reflectly user reviews :

It has been great with Reflectly. I’ve gotten into a good habit of writing up daily and have been doing so for over a year now. My favourite function was being able to upload photos, but as of now, I seem to be unable to? I thought it was because I got a new phone but when I tried following instructions on how to enable Storage Permissions – the option doesn’t seem to exist? I’ve seen another user have this issue too and have tried the same. I’d appreciate it if you’d look into this problem

Promising, but not worth it as of now. Liked the app, even got the subscription, but just requested a refund as most of the app isn’t working properly (just one example: there is no way to allow storage permission, as other users also pointed out. The daily quests are ONLY completed with pics, so there is no way to complete them) The support is also nonexistent, the in-app button doesn’t work. Overall it was a huge let down and not worth a cent. Hope they can one day live up to their proposal.

It’s asking for permission to access storage. I went into setting and permissions but there’s no storage. I can’t upload photos. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app but still nothing. I will still continue to use the app though. I hope it will get fixed.

What there is, is good. Daily check-in, but with generic choices that don’t fit my retired life. I want to personalize things more, because it’s terribly simple. I don’t see any evidence of AI involvement, which is what most interested me. I’ll be cancelling.

Just downloaded the app!! It’s simple, cute and the animations are so smooth!! Oh, and I just love the landscape themes and the quotes!! The only thing is, that when I go to Permissions, so that I can add photos, there’s no “Storage Permission”… I’ve checked multiple times, but I can’t find anything :( I can’t figure out whether it is my phone’s error or not… If someone can help me with that, I would totally appreciate it :)) All in all, it’s a great app <33

I’m experiencing what others have noted, how the app prompts you to allow storage permissions to include photos in your entries but then doesn’t have photo storage as an option to add. No response from their support email either. I like the look and feel of the app, but the poor functionality and lack of support are preventing me from trying the premium subscription

When I want to add a picture to my daily challenge it takes me to permissions and then does not have the setting that it requires for me to add pictures. I love reflectly as an app, but sadly, I gave it 4 stars as it does, not let me do that and I really like the idea of having a daily challenge. Please get back to me and others as there has already been numerous complaints but nobody is doing anything so please help otherwise your going to lose alot of users. Thank you. please get back 2 me

Awesome app love this thing helps me focus my daily thoughts and on occasion vent or record my experiences haven’t used it as often as I should I am very absent-minded that way but trying to use it more often as a daily journal. I have switched to premium however the app refuses to switch to premium and the contact support button doesn’t work neither does the restore purchases button kinda frustrating when an app doesn’t work right.

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