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If you feel less motivated, mentally burnt out, or want to be more productive, you’ve come to the right place.

Intellect is a leading modern-day mental healthcare solution for everyone. Build healthy habits and boost your mood with our self care cognitive behavioural therapy app. Clinically validated by psychologists and behavioural experts, our bite-sized content and daily exercises are an effective way to create a better you.

Effortlessly match with an online therapist to begin a guided journey to a healthy mind (available only in select markets from Apr 1, 2022). Join our community of 3 million users and counting by signing up today!


One of Google’s Best Apps of 2020, Intellect serves users in more than 50 countries worldwide. Intellect isn’t just your average app for on-the-go therapy. The app features a range of self-guided cognitive behavioural therapy (cbt) programs to help users navigate through everyday challenges like procrastination, managing stress and relationship issues.

For enterprise users as well as consumers in select markets, the app also offers a matching system to find a therapist or behavioural health coach, specially certified by Intellect, to cater to your unique needs.

This all-in-one mental health app comprises the following features:

Learning Paths

Designed to be easily accessible and simple to follow, our learning paths will help you to tackle issues such as managing your emotions, poor sleep, and anxiety. These mini sessions ladder up to change the way you think and approach problems. Unlock special tasks along the way and have some fun while you change your habits!

Mood Tracker

Did you know that emotions are like icebergs? There is a lot under the surface. To really understand yourself better, our mood tracker will help you identify causes and suggest personalised ways to cope such as doing a specific learning path, a short rescue session, or jotting down your thoughts in our online journal.

Rescue Sessions

Had a rough day? These sessions offer quick bite-sized support to deal with overwhelming feelings, such as nervousness, poor sleep, anger, and other stressful emotions.

Guided Journals

Access a safe place to pen down your thoughts and feelings. Our journals provide easy guidance on various outcomes such as gaining clarity on problems you’re facing, taking a moment to express gratitude, as well as open journals.

Personal Coaching & Therapy

Take the stress out of cultivating new habits by working with Intellect’s behavioural health coaches. All our coaches go through a rigorous qualification process to become “Intellect certified”. With a wide variety of backgrounds, specializations, and languages, it’s easy to find one that relates to you! Call and chat with your coach at a time convenient for you, and reap the benefits of coaching or therapy without the hassle of scheduling an in-person session.

Only available to certain enterprise users and consumers in selected markets

Bonus features:

Complete a Session of the day to discover new and relevant content
Easily keep up with your personal usage streaks and badges
Set life goals and track what you have achieved

Self improvement has never been easier. Simply download the Intellect app and create a better you today!

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Intellect user reviews :

honestly? kudos to yall. you’ve made an amazing app, from the bite-sized bits of information to the flexibility, it really helps calm me down, bring me back down to earth, and gives useful insights. It’s rare to see a free app with such an amazing interface and so much effort behind it. Some suggestions: when in text mode, add a pause button on the audio so that i don’t have to switch between screens. (i like to listen and read at the same time but sometimes i need a few seconds to process)

This app is FANTASTIC! With a clean and peaceful interface, as well as carefully designed content, it can help you manage all sorts of feelings in a productive manner. It goes beyond telling you “it’s ok, we all go through this”. It actually suggests and assists you with steps to solve the issue. Just one technical issue: when you finish a session, exiting will prompt you with the “How effective was this in managing your feelings”, when it had nothing to do with it. THANK YOU FOR CREATING THIS!

Very useful, can help a ton with self esteem, anxiety, and personal improvement! 100 % would recommend. However i never know how often to check in/work on a learning path, as there is no indication (once a week, once a day once a month) so u always end up losing count and not checking any of my learning paths regularly as i forget ab them, and the app doesnt remind me when to work on learning paths.

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