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[App] Relaxify – Anxiety & Stress Relief

Relaxify  Relaxifyapp is a comprehensive and science-based application made by psychologists with the purpose to enhance your cognitive, physical, social, and emotional wellbeing.

Relaxifyapp applies gamified mental health technologies to inspire and drive change in these areas and improve your overall quality of life. Reduce Stress and Anxiety Relief

How does it work? Relaxifyapp is based on self-assessment and games which foster awareness, inspire action, and provide insights on what needs to be improved, why, and how.

The games cover topics ranging from attention, emotional awareness, identifying and reprogramming unconstructive thinking patterns, and physical wellness.

Your Relaxifyapp experience will be fully guided, and your progress is continuously tracked. Join the thousands experiencing lower stress, less anxiety, and prevent burnout with our guided exercises and games.

Benefits: Relaxifyapp does not take a “one-size-fits-all” approach. It powers custom-tailored, positive habit-forming activities to help you reframe your future in a positive way. It helps to lower your stress and anxiety, prevent burnout, increase emotional awareness and regulation.


Well-being self-assessment survey
Recommended games and exercises
Well-being tracker and scores
Daily mental health programs

Ready to take the journey?

Relaxify user reviews :

I highly recommend this app for relaxing your brain and improving your concentration.

Many typos and of course needs premium access in order to use the application properly.

Excellent user interface. I can easily navigate the different sections of the app. In addition the exercises are very meaningful and useful. Highly RECOMMEND!

I rarely stick to an app for more than three days in a row, but that one is somewhat hard to leave behind. It’s fun, easy to use, and actually beneficial for my overall awareness of what happens in my mind. I would recommend it 100%.

I’ve been using Relaxify for three months now, and I’m already scoring better on literally every aspect of the repetitive wellbeing survey. So – YES, it obviously works, and that’s astounding!

I highly recommend this app for relaxing your brain and improve your concentration.

Amazing insight and playful improvement on the go. 100% would recommend!

Very playful way to keep your mental health good. Great app!

I love it! Helps releasing stress!

It started me with like 100 of everyrhing, is that even normal?
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  • Hello Ciao, we truly appreciate our user’s feedback! Is your score 100 for every dimension? Please write us on more details

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