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[App] Wandr – Calm Anxiety & Panic. Relax for Sleep

Wandr  Get help to relax and calm from Anxiety and Panic Attacks in minutes.

When triggered or overwhelmed, turn to your Wandr. app for a calming distraction to help you regain control. Anywhere, anytime.

Quiet racing thoughts and the worries of the day at bedtime with an interactive virtual nature escape.

De-stress by being transported to an imaginative nature scene of your choice, feeling the tension and worries melt away with relaxation music, reassuring affirmations, nature sounds, breathe tool and guided relaxation.

Best suited for those who;

Suffer from anxiety, panic attacks and mental over-stimulation
Are triggered by external sites & sounds
By nature struggle to relax mind & body properly
Need help calming a busy mind for sleep
Are affected by city living or work stress
Find themselves restricted in going outside for any reason

*Panic/Anxiety Attack Sufferers: Download it now and save it to your home screen for quick access during an attack. The breathe tool is already activated and ready for you on the home menu.

“Very relaxing. I struggle to get to sleep at night and have stress from energetic kids. I felt noticeably more relaxed after using the app. Also loved chasing the animals, went for a swim – very enjoyable.” Luke – Busy parent, Insomnia.

“I really loved them all (scenes) but the Waterfall scenery would have to be my favourite. Climbing up the rocks to the waterfall seemed like I was truly exploring somewhere different. Then to hear the water get louder as I approached was soothing and calming. The sky’s pink tones were also beautiful to gaze at.” Amanda – Anxiety.

Features Include:

5 Different Nature Scenes – with more to come on rotation!
Breathe Tool
Relaxation Music
Customisable Nature Sounds
Guided Relaxation Audio
Sleep Sounds – with automatic timer
Reassuring Affirmations to self-soothe from Anxiety
Adjustable Scene Settings
Professional Healthcare Resources – incl. Affordable Online Therapy
Shoppable Natural Anxiety Relief Products & Books we use ourselves!
Free Options that are actually helpful when you need them the most


Become calm. Feel properly relaxed. Regain control. Anywhere, anytime.
Beyond taking a short walk in a relaxing environment, there are no objectives within a scene.
Casually explore the surroundings allowing your imagination to wander or just find a view that calms you to sit and stare – like you would if you really were sitting alone on a secluded island beach.
Take your time. There’s no rush to the next level or time limit to the finish line. Nothing is chasing you and there’s nothing you need to achieve. Just enjoy where the escape takes you.

Try it now!

“Made for others like us who need easy tools to provide relief from anxiety, panic and help to properly relax.” @wandr.anxietyreliefapp – Follow us for manageable self-care tips.

Wandr user reviews :

I’ve been suffering from panic attacks a lot recently, and feeling very low, and as a nature lover who lives in an urban environment and doesn’t really get the chance to be out in nature much – this app has really helped me. The only reason I haven’t given 5 stars, is because the forest/woodland landscape lags for me (making it unusable) – but all the other landscapes work smoothly and perfectly fine. :-)
  • The Jarvis Collective
  • Hi there, thanks so much for your review :) we appreciate it! We’re sorry you’ve not been feeling well – and happy we can help! We’re working on an update that should fix the issue with the app on your device (it’s not a problem across the board) but would love your input in testing it! Pls message us on Insta DM @wandr.anxietyreliefapp or email.
Actually I really like this app. It goes beyond the typical audio by giving you a sense of place as well through visual guidance and scene setting. Great for when I need a clear head when I am creating artwork or when trying to get my kids prepared for bed. Great app, great concept.
  • The Jarvis Collective
  • Thanks JB C!! We are so happy that you enjoyed the app. If there is anything we can do for you, just let us know at wandr[at]breathetreedesign.com! Have a wonderful day!
I really enjoyed the app it is great to relax to, I used it after having a big day and now I feel so much better. I really loved the night beach scene it was very authentic the cracking of the fire is amazing. Would definitely recommend this to anyone who is anxious or just someone wanting to relax and distress. It is great to use at night to help you sleep it helped to turn off the mind and put relaxing thoughts I your head to help you drop off to sleep.
  • The Jarvis Collective
  • So happy to hear it helps you Diane. We love the campfire too! Feel free to reach out at @wandr.relief on instagram if you need any tips on getting the most out of the app.

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