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ReLens CameraHow to turn your mobile into a professional camera in a blink? We did something cool.

Applying advanced AI computational photography and AI algorithms, ReLens can instantly turn your phone into an HD Camera and DSLR professional camera.
With its powerful DSLR-grade large aperture that creates blur background/bokeh effect and its HD camera, ReLens camera makes it easy to capture “DSLR-like” and “cinematic” shots.

ReLens is designed to be a professional camera and manual camera photography app for mobile photography enthusiasts to help everyone enjoy the fun of photography easily. ReLens may bring you some surprises with various lenses.

Excellent features
F1.4 large aperture with background bokeh effect. Essential for portrait mode photography.
Reproduction of several classic SLR lenses, such as the 50mm 1.4 fixed focal length lens, M35mm f/1.4 “the King of Bokeh”, and Burn 35, the Swirly bokeh effect lens.
Various essential filters for portrait and landscape photography, such as the physical soft-focus filter, starburst filter, ND filter, and others.
AI recalculates the depth of field and adds realistic portrait camera bokeh effects.
Freely modify the depth of field information of the image with the depth brush.

Various professional camera lens optical effects such as eclipse, Smooth Trans Focus, out-of-focus reflex, out-of-focus rotation, lens distortions, color shift, etc. give you a realistic lens experience.
Simulation of shutter blade shapes, over twenty realistic focus camera bokeh shapes such as the pentagram, hexagon, Octagon, heart, etc.
Reproduction of the unique spots, textures, and light effects of classic lenses.
Outstanding bokeh camera filters, blur filters, and a range of classic camera filters.

All-Purpose Professional Camera
Manual Exposure, Shutter, ISO, Focus, and White Balance control.
Camera custom color adjustment: Sharpening, Contrast, Saturation, and Hue.
Built-in 6 commonly used presets such as Standard, Portrait, Neutral, etc.
SLR effect beauty (provides three modes): Clear, Natural, and Ruddy.
100+ classic cameras and stylized filters.

Multiple camera modes: manual mode, burst mode (self-timer).
Professional camcorder mode: HD cameras and professional cameras.
High-quality video recording, supporting 4K video recording (not available on specific models).
Professional auxiliary tools: Level line, grid line, histogram, and more.
Professional information display such as volume indicator, battery capacity, storage space, etc.

Professional photo editor
AI intelligent zone adjustment, allowing you to fine-tune the foreground and background of your images individually.
Specialized color grading tools: hue, aperture, brightness, contrast, highlights, shadows, grain, vignette, halo, curves, color separation, trichromatic circle, slow shutter, chromatic aberration, and twenty other parameters for adjustment.
Hundreds of filters crafted by professional photographers.
AI HDR night scene enhancement.
AI Noise Reduction, improve picture quality with one click.

Rich assortment of professional photography watermarks and artistic frames.
Photo enhancement, ultra-HD restoration rivaling the crystal-clear quality of a DSLR.
Natural portrait beautification: supports various portrait beautification functions such as face Slim, Jaw, Even, Skin, Acne, Eyebag, and Nasolabial.
Privacy protection: Image processing runs locally on your device and does not upload your images to the server.

More features are coming soon. Stay tuned!!

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ReLens Camera user reviews :

Incredibly versatile — you can even import custom LUTs! I’ll never use the built-in camera app again. My phone has a crazy 64MP camera with a Sony lens, yet I was having second thoughts about it because the pictures it took looked awful. Turns out the trick is to have a good program to work all that hardware, and for me, ReLens is that program. I happily paid the lifetime subscription. Finally, my smartphone can take “real” pictures.

I was curious about the high ratings for this app since other third-party camera apps haven’t received such positive feedback. However, it turns out they ask users to rate them with 5star to unlock premium features, which seems unfair. Despite this approach, the app meets our expectations and works well for applying Bokeh effects to regular pictures. Additionally, it offers a variety of photo editing tools, which is a positive aspect.

I was previously a very happy user of the lifetime subscription on the disposable camera app. I moved to this app after its release and I’ve been impressed. The lifetime subscription was more expensive but well worth it for the feature set. Unfortunately, the previous app still takes higher quality photos. This app is good, but the quality of photos isn’t the same. Video is well executed but cannot match quality from apps like ProShot. My one request though is for RAW photo support!

First off I am never a man made of money, I am never able to buy the glitt and glam of this app but I personally will turn to this app over my default camera app if I know I need a important nice looking picture or be able to have choices for editing. One negative I have is that sometimes some pictures seem to take well & review them a few days later and thw pictures end up beiny like the corner of the original pic zoomed in, and cannot fix after that. p.s. I USE A CAT S62 Smartphone.

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