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RemindersReminders is your personal planner.

From a New Year’s resolution list to a project planner Reminders can help keep you on track and increase your productivity :)

With the Reminders app in your pocket, you can create to-do lists effortlessly. Take notes, add alerts/alarms, priorities and flag the most important items. With the built in filters and calendar view you can see what is most important and get things done (GTD).

Reminders is easy to get started with its clean, intuitive design. It can be customised to your needs from a simple grocery list to complex filters. It’s in your hands.

Get more out of Reminders with Premium features:
Web app – access your reminders from your computer
Automatic cloud backup – Keep your data safe.
Device to device sync – Use Reminders on your tablet and phone..
Home screen widgets – Interact with Reminders quickly and easily from your home screen.
Custom filters – Build your own filtered lists based on your criteria.
Backup and restore – want to stay in control of your backups? Use the Backup/Restore option in Settings.
Support – Got a question, just ask.
Tags – Tag your reminders. Create filters based on tags.

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Reminders user reviews :

This app has a nice clean interface, a good range of features, is stable, and is quick to load and update. It works very well. The developer is quick to respond, genuine and helpful in his responsiveness to requests for features. Ignore malicious negative reviews. Update 25/04/23: Thank you to the developer for adding a feature with the last update that I requested and that I thought would be useful, and is useful.

  • Hi Andrew, thank you so much for your wonderful feedback and support for my little app. I’m always here to help support my app where I can. Any questions, just ask and I’ll do my best. The same for ideas/suggestions, just email me. Cheers, Steve Edit: you’re welcome, glad you like the update

I love this little app, it makes life organisation so much easier. I like how I can categorise things and have a variety of time periods, ranging from annual birthdays, quarterly subscriptions or weekly admin. The support is brilliant and you can feedback and make recommendations and suggestions. A lovely little app which I use everyday.

  • Hi Kirsty, thank you so much for your fantastic review and kind support for my little app. I really appreciate it. Reminders may be a hobby project but I am always here to help where I can. Questions, ideas or suggestions, just email me. Happy organising :) Steve

Apps works very splendid. However, the alarm duration setting does not work. If I set the alarm to ring for 10 seconds only, it will not when the phone screen is on, but if the alarm started when the phone screen is off, the 10 seconds duration is obeyed. For when the phone screen is on, the vibration only goes off when the screen goes off which means that if the phone screen does not go off the alarm rings continuously and this is not good. Make the alarm duration settings to start working.

  • Hi Branham-Paul, if your phone is unlocked and the screen on the alarm you see is handled by Android and I cannot set a duration. It is assumed by Google that if your phone is unlocked you are using it and can interact with it. Just email me for more info. I hope this explains & makes Reminders a 5 star app for you. Stars are free after all. Thanks

Seems very similar to another app. I didn’t like it. Too much going on. Don’t need image, starred, priority and tags etc. EDIT. I think 2 stars is fair. If this app was able to hide certain parts such as the ones mentioned above, I would give it another look at

  • Adrian, many to do list apps are going to be similar, Reminders is a community driven hobby project of mine. It contains no ads and simply relies on donations, premium subs & my spare time. UPDATE: the latest app update (0.34.0) now includes your suggestion. I hope you can show your full support for my hard work. Cheers, Steve

Best app I’ve used. No ads. Just a plain ordinary app that does what it says. Highly recommended.

  • Hi Brian, thank you so much for your wonderful feedback and support for my little app. Reminders is in constant development. If you have any ideas/suggestions, just email me. Cheers, Steve

Really nice app to use. Have subscribed to the year plan. Nice little widget. I especially like how you can choose weekly 4 weekly or basically any time period you need. Not many note apps have this option. Only thing I would like which is a personal preference is being able to pin a note to the status bar. Other than that it’s a thumb’s up all the way.

  • Hi Terry, thank you so much or your amazing support. I really appreciate it. Please email me with a little more detail as pinned notes sounds like a great addition. In the meantime, if you star a note, then you could have the starred list on your home screen using the widget. I hope this helps, Steve

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