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Remote for LG Smart TVSmartify is a free remote control with a keyboard and a touchpad for LG Smart TV.

Simply connect the TV and phone or tablet to one Wi-Fi network, and you will be able to control your TV from your mobile device after a simple pairing procedure.

Smartify is a true universal remote. The application supports all TV models with WebOS operating system, as well as Netcast models released since 2012.

The application contains a large set of buttons using which you will get access to all the functions of your TV. Now all the necessary for control are on hand – true LG remote. The automatic connection function relieves you from the necessity to enter the PIN every time to connect to the TV. A large touchpad will allow you to easily select and flick the content on the TV screen.

Basic functions:

Fast and easy connection to the TV;
All the necessary buttons for controlling the TV;
Large touchpad and scroll bar;
Keyboard for entering text in the browser;
Automatic connection to the TV;
Wear OS;

Smartify easily converts your smartphone or tablet into a remote for LG. Controlling your TV has never been easier.

Text input limitations:
Text input is only available in the TV apps which support TV keyboard. The keyboard will appear on mobile device screen automatically after you activate the input field on your TV screen. Some services, like Netflix, YouTube and others, have their own keyboards and are not supported by Smartify.

Kraftwerk 9, Inc is not an affiliated entity of LG Electronics, and “Smartify – LG TV Remote” application is not an official product of LG.

Remote for LG Smart TV user reviews :

I give this App a firm 9 out of 10. Concerning the Ad’s: half can be instantly clicked away & the rest can after about 5 seconds. You may need to exit the App & tap back in again after a certain period of non-use when it ‘Freezes-Up’ …at least on my 4G mobile & 80’MBPS WiFi signal, a 5G mobile &/or a higher MBPS would do better. But intuitive to use if your TV remote hides or it’s batteries die & with no replacements + LG TV’s onboard tiny button-joysticks for Menu-Nav’ are hit’&’miss fiddly.

Why in the actual f would you have commercials for a remote control? For those considering using this random commercials come when you’re trying to change channels. Just keep your regular remote. Use in emergency cases only.

Pretty good app the use and the controls a rly clear but i put 4 stars rhe ads THEY HAVE TO BE EVERYWHERE they are just so annoying please remove them! its a good app itself but just the ads.

I have decided to give this another chance since it has been revamped.there some drastic changes I can say so far its awesome. Its new look , the changes to the controls and it turns tv off and on no problem. The only thing I’ve noticed is that when u go turn the TV on it don’t Turtn on by the power button.u have to tap the house button and it comes right on and that’s fine by me. Thank you for the improvements. I will be using this app only now as long as it continues to work Thank Yo

Miles better than the first party LG remote. Don’t need to use two modes, no complicated buttons and a really easy to use controller. But the problem is the ads; They are everywhere. It gets annoying. And yes I feel like the subscription shouldn’t be nessesarey.

This works for me, except I can’t “click” the option I’m hovering over with the cursor from the “interaction” screen. I can move the cursor just as with the magic remote, but since I can’t select the option I want it’s useless. The app is visually appealing, but the implementation of some of the features is half baked. No reply to email

I love using LG TV Remote. The only problem is it has started randomly playing game sounds and I don’t know how to fix it. Very disturbing and annoying. Some how resolved in 2019 however happening again in 2020. Freezes frequently but can be resolved by closing app and reopening.

Fantastic app. Better than the remote control that came with the TV except not having a voice input. I tried several LG remote apps and they all fail my new OLED 77inch. Wish I knew how to add something to the favorites button.

Brilliant on my older LG smart tv. You have to pay $6.49 if you want the navigation buttons (FF, REW, PAUSE etc) but well worth it in my opinion. Easy setup, no ads. Does everything my smart tv remote did. Has a mouse pad too, which my original remote didn’t.

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