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[Game] Resonance of the Ocean

Resonance of the OceanAt the edge of a desolate island, pick up what the waves wash ashore to make instruments.

Use those instruments to answer the echoes heard from beyond the ocean.

In this hand-drawn world, enjoy a soothing soundscape formed by waves, footsteps and the sounds made from things washed up.

Resonance of the Ocean user reviews :

A charming little game with a sweet story. Giving it 4 stars just because it’s so short… I think there could have been more to explore and discover about the history. It’s very much a snapshot info a moment, and it’s a neat game, but the ending feels a bit abrupt. Lovely job with what it has though, and the music is nice.

The game is really calming, I loved the music and the animation, the only thing that could have been better was the storyline, it was too short, maybe some more characters and more places to explore. Overall it was great.

This game is an awesome game! I love the music and story, the only thing is that it is a little short, maybe you could add hints and add a few more characters. It would also be nice if she could get pucked up by a sailboat and land in the city. Other wise this is a lovley game.

Very cute, if not somewhat short. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a low stakes puzzle game. Hints might be nice, but its hard to complain when such a cute, original and clever game is put out for free!

i remember playing it on steam and now i can play it on mobile which is cool. i love the game it’s very relaxing, great music and storyline. i want more but i understand this is one of those short games. overall, it’s a great game you can play if you are bored or something and it’s still a 10/10 in my opinion.

I love the music in he game, it was calming and beautiful. The art style was really cute, reminded me alittle of Omori. Through my only complaint was it was too short, besides that it’s a cute and beautiful game.

Such a beautiful game! The story is centered around finding items on a small island in order to repeat a sound of music you hear!

Cute game, very short maybe 15 minutes at maximum. Movement controls were kinda pain which detracted from the experience.

Charming, short, and sweet. This is an absolutely lovely game to play for a short but much needed break from the world.

so simple yet so meaningful. I love everything from the design and the mechanics. the little details and everything. this is a true gem

Super chill and relaxing game!!! Cute visuals and doesn’t take much of your time. Definitely recommend it

Its a cute game that you can finish in les then 30 minutes, its simple and sweet, the last day confused me so I had to look up a video…

I didn’t expect this to be this short, but nevertheless, this game is really beautiful! I love how it is so calming and serene. I hope they’ll make more beautiful games like this, but more longer.

Lovely, short but sweet, and beautiful! Very pleasing and short enough to do in one sitting.

This game was so calming i love the art style and it was pretty easy to know what to do! I recomend this game!

Simple and calming game. It is short, but I loved to explore the beach and the old building, having some pieces of the story scattered, the mystery and to find the lost or thrown away objects. I liked this experience. Maybe you could make a longer game with more locations to explore, collect objects and meet other characters. There could be a backstory but something that wouldn’t be just told directly to the gamer, something that is revealed little by little.Liked theobject collecting ctrls too.

It would have been great if they have put some hints …its challenging to match the sounds

Small and lovely, strange and endearing. Definitely worth its brief playtime.

Omg, this game is truly a masterpiece. Really sad that it was so short, but it doesn’t make it any worse. Truly a great calming game

Very simple and short but enjoyable and calming. Highly recommend.

Thank you, Dev! I love the atmosphere of this game. This game has a cute style too. The reason why I give 4 instead of 5 stars is because the story can be more developed than this. The intro was good, the problems indulged in the story are interesting, but the resolution didn’t give the satisfaction to me personally. But still, i’m waiting for your next unique game!

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