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Rise of Queendom – Royal Life Simulation Game
Immerse into the ancient palace, with elaborate models, various costumes, and exquisite makeup. A queen’s real life is presenting to you. Wander through the palace and experience the royal love affair. Awaken your inner power and rise from a girl to a queen. A new legend is waiting for you to write.

Royal Heirs – Parenting Like a Queen
Good news! Heirs are live now! Look how adorable they are! It is never easy to raise kids but witnessing their grow-up will be super sweet for sure. Are you prepared to welcome your new family members?

Stylish Costumes – Dress up Like a Queen
Cute, sweety, or mature…collect all styles costumes and enrich your royal closet by completing quests. Make up, hairstyle, jewelry, accessory… all in your own style.

Intriguing Storyline – Experience Like a Queen
Legend continues. Make choices and control your destiny. With dual narrative to unfold how the story goes. The intriguing plots and distinctive NPCs will affect your heart in every way. Experience a queen’s rise in this playable harem drama.

Delicate Scene – Shine Like a Queen
The elaborate scene and view in the game relive a vivid ancient palace world across thousands of years. The exquisite structures and lively imperial gardens will bring you back to the royal age. Every angle is different scenery and worth exploring. It’s not only a visual feast but also a stage for you to shine.

Sweet Home – Live Like a Queen
Interact with other players in various casual games and build a fancy mansion. Simulate a real queen’s life and make friends with real players. Live a different royal life in your own queendom!

Royal Romance – Embrace Like a Queen
Your destined one is right in the Queendom. The special marriage system provides you a chance to enjoy the royal relationship. Dating, sending flowers, and couple interaction, embrace a queen’s love affair with the ONE.

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Rise of Queendom user reviews :

The problem with storage that everyone keeps mentioning varies by phone. My last phone only had 8GB and I couldn’t download the game at ALL. My new phone has let me download it and I’ve been playing since I’ve signed up. I wish this could be played on PC, the graphics are too pretty to be confined to such a small screen. You don’t have to spend any money to level up. I’ve gotten to level 53 in just a day without investing. Good game overall , 5/5

I think it’s a worthy sequel but like most things it’s full of bugs. I don’t think it’s happened to anyone else but when I had to download the third set of chapters, the option to do so didn’t come up. I gave up and uninstalled. The story is intriguing if not a bit busy with all the other characters. The gameplay is simple to understand and the plot engaging. 10/10 for plot but 3/10 for actual came play.

  • Hello there! Sorry for the bad experience, we’ll work on it and solve the issue as soon as we can! Please help us identify and report incidents of bugs or glitches. To report, simply send an e-mail to GTJ_service[at]friendtimes.net with your ID, server, and an explanation of the problem, with screenshots if applicable. Thanks for your support!

Overall, good game! I have been playing for less than a week, and I’m already addicted. The story has a great plot, and events and challenges are fun! Some parts however, like malice, stealing, and scrapegoat open opportunities for unwanted Cyberbullying. It is also Very difficult to lvl up one you reach lvl. 70. I hope for improvement and more great content in the future. Thank you!

  • Hi there, thanks for playing Rise of Queendom and we’re truly sorry for that! We’ll keep optimizing the core mechanics and developing further interesting gameplay to provide better gaming experience for you. Please keep supporting us and any issues you can always email our tech support team at GTJ_service[at]friendtimes.net for help.

I love the art and the historical regalia in the game that has a bit of a fantasy touch to it!! The artists are so skilled and talented!!! I hope the game comes to more regions soon!!! I wish there was a PC version so we could see the game in more detail than when we’re looking at a small phone screen!

A lot of fun. Only issues I have with it is the players / factions who spam attack to bully others & that theres not enough options to earn XP so you can only play so much each day before needing to wait until the next to earn more XP. I also am a bit bummed out there isn’t more ways to earn ingots for free like maybe watch ads. Other than that it runs really well, is a lot of fun, and everything is so pretty. I really enjoy the game.

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