Survival at Gunpoint – Explore various zombie-infested zones

[Game] Survival at Gunpoint

Survival at GunpointWith only a gun, do you have what it takes to rescue survivors from the zombie-infested city dominated by the Tyrant? Assault the undead all guns blazing!

Survival at Gunpoint

Shoot ’em zombies up from a unique top-down perspective with a wide range of firearms. Explore various zombie-infested zones to search for supplies and survivors.

Unlock a variety of Main and Sub heroes to create your own roster. Upgrade their skills to significantly improve your strength both in battle and development.

Lead your followers to construct a new home together, an impregnable shelter from enemies outside, be they zombies or humans.

Command an invincible legion to strategically raze and raid the other commanders. The fate of the post-apocalypse world is in your hands.

Join forces with allies from near and far to help one another in infrastructure and military. Fight together to conquer states in all-out wars.

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Survival at Gunpoint user reviews :

Well, this isn’t what I thought it was gonna be. It shows a game in landscape view in the screenshots with buttons for fire and everything, but you download it and it’s a potrait view autofire game. Though it’s not a bad genre, it’s really getting over-used right now. Plus, there’s a monster that crawls around with like no eyes and it’s brain is on the outside, and that enemy is literally in some of the Resident Evil games, including one I have, so that’s kinda lame. Definitely not my thing.

Just got through playing for a bit after seeing a lot of advertisements. Overall the game really comes off as a rushed cash grab, and this is coming from a guy that spent $12,000 in afk arena. I will spend money in proportion to the game quality. This game seems repetitive and unsatisfying. The energy system is very outdated. Anything with energy, I tend to avoid spending money. There are better zombie survival games out there at this time. Will update if anything changes.

It’s too slow. (Paced game) I like the idea of upgrading my characters. But it’s going over-board!! the whole game becomes a “upgrade this, and upgrade that. Wait for building and recourses”. It starts to drag! Some of us are quick pick up and play people. This is not that!

There has not been a single update since March. They broke a $50 paid troop skin and have made no attempt to fix it. Developer also makes no effort to grow and advertise the game, it’s slowly dwindling down to no players. Don’t waste your money or time there are better pay to win games out there.

  • Hello player, sorry not giving you better mood, sincerely hope you can have fun in our events.

Game starts off as shown in the ad, but as you get further into the game, you will see that your base is on a world map where other players will be able to attack you. You start off with a shield, so you won’t get attacked, but one you reach a certain level, your shield will be gone. The game will eventually try to make you feel like you have to pay money to buy stronger soldiers, and shields to protect your base. Not my type of game, so I’m uninstalling. The first few missions were fun though.

I’m only just starting but so far compared to other games like this. I am really loving this one. The tutorial is easy to follow. Building is pretty easy. And the graphics have been amazing. Yes there is some pay features but that does not mean you can’t still enjoy the game

Love it. Nice top down shooter campaign. All the upgrading and leveling you could ask for. I spent 2 dollars so far and am loving every minute of it. It’s starting to slow down a little now but I want a slow pacing because I’m loving this game so much.

I have only played this game for a week or so now but so far it has been awesome. I have not had any problems with glitching and game freezes. The gameplay is very easy to understand and the characters that you collect are pretty cool too.

It’s great actually! It starts off slow it looks like there’s a lot of things to do and if you’re not paying attention to everything carefully it can get a little overwhelming, but at the end the day you really get into it.At first I didn’t really get into it but then after the first few hours of playing it I got addicted.

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