Rivengard – Strike down and conquer powerful hordes of enemies

[Game] Rivengard

Rivengard   Challenge your tactical mastery in this new turn-based RPG!

Make use of the terrain and the specific strengths of your heroes to lead them towards victory!

Unlock and upgrade your ultimate collection of heroes to deploy as an unwavering force on the battlefield!

Strike down and conquer powerful hordes of enemies by unleashing your characters unique abilities!

Fight your way to the top and take down the world’s strongest bosses, forcing them to join your team!

Access full game features when connected to the internet

Rivengard user reviews :

My progress did not transfer despite having spent considerable money in game. “Contact us” does not allow you to contact anyone for help. I would rate this game much higher if I hadn’t blown money on it, which was apparently a waste since I now have to start over.

The game is good and I really do enjoy it. However, I think the developers need to make obtaining shard for heroes a lot easier, or atleast have a set day you can obtain shards to level up your heroes. Currently I’m stuck needing to get 100 shards for everyone and I just can’t seem to get any… Aside from this, I am happy with the game! Well done!

Very addictive, bright and fun. Quality rpg elements and great character designs and artwork. Fantastic lil game with so much to do and enhance. Its great

EDIT: why delete my previous review? Lol. Game crashes after every stage, and when you re-open the game you’ll find the previously cleared stage ‘uncleared’ so you’ll have to do the stage again. The game’s been released for months now so why this bug is still a problem? I checked your other game and it seems like this “crash” is also a persistent problem there. Shame, since i really like this kind of gameplay. Add the sky-high prices of gems and tokens to these problems and i’m gone. UNINSTALLED
  • Snowprint Studios AB
  • Hi, thank you for the review. We are not sure why your review was deleted (we cannot do that) – I just assume it was a problem with the Google Play platform. Please contact us at rivengard-support[at]snowprintstudios.com so we can help you with the crashes and bugs you have experienced. All the best, the Rivengard team

Updating my review and giving it a 5 star for fixing one of the major issue i had on chapter 3 that wont let me finish the chapter. Looking forward for more updates

The game looks and plays good. Its fun and challenging. The main problem is the very limited summoning tokens and gems we earn. A month of play doesnt even give you a full 10 summoning. And you need a lot of those to progress.. its daunting..
  • Snowprint Studios AB
  • Hi Gustav, Thank you for the review and the feedback. We are currently working on improving the Summoning Portal and the number of tokens that ca be earned. Feel free to reach us at rivengard-support[at]snowprintstudios.com in case you have any additional questions or feedback. Best, The Rivengard team

Fun to Play at First, Story line is unbalanced. Went from enjoying it to bored of it after the 15th stage.. might need to work on keeping your Gamer’s addicted.

The game was great, but its really hard to earn gold and ascending items. Wish there will be a mode wherein you can grind for those items not just on the onslaught its very limited. The progress is very slow. Edit: change from 4 to 5 stars. New modes were added to earn more gold and upgrading items. And the support team was really awesome whenever the game has a bit of problem they surely look into it and fix it. Best game ever.
  • Snowprint Studios AB
  • Hi Jerome! Thanks for your feedback. Please check out the new game mode, Treasure Beach, where you can grind those resources. Do not hesitate to contact us at rivengard-support[at]snowprintstudios.com in case you have any questions or feedback
I have 100 stamina but after playing treasure beach i got a -9 on my stamina, its saturday waiting to get those double gold coins, really like the game
  • Snowprint Studios AB
  • Hi! Thank you for the review. Please contact us through the “Contact Us” button in the settings menu in the game to allow us to help you.

Looking for game I came across Rinvengard, it is one of the best game ever played

To that player who said that pvp system is bad, dude you just dont know how to play the game you noob. This game is one of the best TRPG in android. And they have awesome support too. Typically replies within 24h if you email the devs. Its true you have to allocate your gold carefully. You just have to play smart. Well done.

No ads. Great promise. A mixture of game play types. Responsive developers. I recommend you try it. Please use referral code BEN-76-ROD

I did play this game before, i then changed phone and back then i cant save my progress cause you didnt have google sign in choice to save our data. Not sure if i still can load it or not. Sobs. Update : Nevermind, I advanced more than satisfy in this game. Thanks for making it more interesting tho I didnt usually get what I always wanted. Well done!!!
  • Snowprint Studios AB
  • Hi Aizmk, we are sorry that you were not able to recover your previous progress. Please get in touch with us by opening the Settings menu in the game and tapping “Contact us” – we will try to help you get your old progress back!

Latest Update :

Get ready for the first Festival of Fiveport, starting August 14!
Competitive battles in the Tournament Arena continue!
Explore the next part of the Waning Moon’s Elite Campaign!
Several other smaller improvements and bug fixes

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