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Phobies  From the industry veterans who brought you Company of Heroes and Age of Empires: Castle Siege, comes Phobies, Smoking Gun Interactive’s new terrifying collectible card game!

Summon your worst fears and use their abilities to seize control of perilous environments. Wield a masterful strategy and outsmart all players who dare challenge you in an asynchronous battle and arena.

Collect over 120 powerful and mischievous Phobies inspired by your most irrational fears. Evolve your strategies as you unlock new fears and abilities. Level up your Phobies to give them an added edge in battle.

Watch your fears come to life in the whimsical world inspired by your subconscious. Traverse hazardous tiles and use the environment to stem the tide in your favor.

Unlock weekly and seasonal rewards while ascending the Mount Ego leaderboards.

Play solo challenge modes, battle your friends, or faceoff against millions of players worldwide! Join the community of fellow Phobie enthusiasts, eager to unlock their deepest fears.

Are you brave enough to face your fears? DOWNLOAD TODAY!


COLLECT FEARSOME PHOBIES: Overpower your opponents by unlocking and upgrading your favorite Phobies. With an army of terrifying Phobies at your beck and call you are sure to win any battle.

MASTER TACTICAL GAMEPLAY: Plan your strategy around hex-based environments. Utilize tactical positioning across spine-chilling terrains to gain an upper hand on your opponents.

REFINE YOUR STRATEGY: Utilize the practice mode to test out and further refine your strategies before using them on your unsuspecting victims.

TEST YOUR WITS IN CHALLENGE MODE: In need of a quick brainteaser? Try out the PvE challenge mode containing various puzzles and objectives to sharpen your wits.

PLAY WITH YOUR FRENEMIES: Add and duel your friends in asynchronous PvP battles. That is one way to put them in their place!

EXPERIENCE ASYNCHRONOUS BATTLE: Take your horror show to the masses by engaging in PvP battles with players worldwide. The turn-based mechanics of asynchronous battles allow players to play multiple matches simultaneously. Enjoy the never-ending terror and fun.

COMPETE IN ARENA MODE: Feeling a bit antsy with competitive tendencies? Then experience the real-time mayhem of the arena mode. Assert dominance through strategic superiority in real-time battle. Why wait when you can win?

PLAY WHEREVER YOU WANT: Take your worst fears with you wherever you go through cross-platform capabilities. Whether you prefer to dominate via PC or on the go through your mobile: play the game your way.

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Phobies user reviews :

This is the best turn-based tactical game that I have played in a long time. I think the thing that impressed me most is the variety of maps. The game plays VERY differently depending on the map layout and location of the objectives. Also, there is a ton of strategy in the order in which you deploy your units … Do you deploy the strongest unit you can on turn one to get ahead early? Or do you conserve resources for a powerful counter-attack on a later turn.
  • Smoking Gun Interactive Inc.
  • Hi Matt! We are truly happy that you enjoyed our game. Thank you so much for your evaluation. Your praise will help us to create more interesting games. ~ CM NekoRei

Really enjoy the game especially for the system, gameplay and the visual design. But i really need an improvement in the side of matchmaking system, and i think there is something wrong with the winrate calculation. And last but not least, i really hope there is more offer in the shop and many interesting event and modes. Overall, i love the game and i hope there will be more players joined and this game getting much more competitive. Keep a good work guys, good luck!

Love the design for the phobies, great voice acting and love the concept where you can play multiple games at the same time. But that’s where the problem lies. I have to constantly open the game to see if an enemy in one of my games has made their move yet. There should be a notification letting us know. Other than that like I said great game.

Great gameplay and well designed. I love the variety of phobies it just wacky and fun. Things that stop me from playing the game is the map variety and reward limit. Limiting the grind is a bad practice or at least triple the daily reward cap. The last thing is map design. for a game that can be played for multiple battle at a time, jump into the same maps over and over makes the game stale quickly.

Love it!! The gameplay is engaging, fun, and strategic which makes it a delight to play. The art style and characters are extremely well designed, and from what I’ve seen, the developers are excellent and very receptive to feedback which betrays a love for their game that’s refreshing to see in the mobile game market.

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