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[Game] Riverside Merge

Riverside MergeRiverside needs your help!

A devastating earthquake has destroyed the town and it’s citizens need YOU to restore it to its former glory. Join the citizens of Riverside in an unforgettable adventure to rebuild their town better than ever in this fun merge adventure!

Pick up jobs around the town, and use your merging skills to repair it’s many buildings and streets. Build and design homes, restaurants, parks and even the town yoga studio! But beware! All is not as peaceful as it seems in Riverside, and a greedy land tycoon seeks to steal your contracts and use cheap building materials that will surely not hold up! Give Riverside’s citizens the town they deserve, using your handy merge skills and creativity to bring it back to life!

Discover the town’s secrets as you unlock the mysterious areas that were destroyed in the earthquake and restore them from the ground up. Gain experience by completing tasks and discovering new items to merge, while leveling up to become Riverside’s master builder. You’ll have so much fun solving Riverside’s many puzzles.

Game Features:

Merge items to discover hundreds of unique tools and items to rebuild the town.
Unlock new zones with unique gameplay and bring the town back to its former glory!
Interact with Riverside’s in-game characters, who will give you tasks and help you to restore and decorate the town.
Take part in an unforgettable adventure with an addictive story and amazing animations – you won’t be disappointed!
Relaxing gameplay. Just merge two items and then renovate the town. It couldn’t be any more simple
Play for free both online and offline!

Visit lionstudios.cc/contact-us/ if have any feedback, need help on beating a level or have any awesome ideas you would like to see in the game!

From the Studio that brought you Mr. Bullet, Happy Glass, Ink Inc and Love Balls!

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Riverside Merge user reviews :

Absolutely love this game, totally addicted to it. It passes time well and is enjoyable and isn’t packed with ads. The only thing I’d change if I could is the little piggy bank pop up in the corner that appears very often in the game, its position is bad as it prevents moving on to the next screen as it covers up the staircase. As much as I’m tempted to get the piggy bank, I’m struggling currently so it’s not affordable. I have bought things before though. Overall fantastic game would recommend

And so it happens, I love this game, loved it so much I downloaded their other games too, Merge villa and Merge makeover. It was one of those games where you pick how many ads you see, don’t want to see the ad, say no and that is the end BUT from this week they started throwing random, unwanted ads while you are just happily merging stuff. So I’ll check in once in awhile but if this keeps happening I will eventually uninstall this game and the others, as soon they will probably also enforce ads

Just started playing this game, and I liked everything about it but it has way to many adds. I had to force stop the game to even exit the add. Just aweful! I get that the game has to make some kind of money but then put the adds as an optional things. Hey need more energy then watch as add. Not just places in the middle of the game.

Game is pretty good, not too many random unrewarded ads. Only thing I’m upset about is that I had a bunch of free crystals, but now I log in, and it’s at zero. (Hence the 4 stars)

It’s a great game and I like playing it but u don’t get enuff diamonds fast enough and also at most points ur stuck n have to stop n wait for things to regenerate unless you spend ur own money on stuff and as a single mom with 5 kids I just don’t have money like that to waist on diamonds and things in a game that will never give you money back it’s literally like whipping ur but with a 5 dollar bill or 10 dollar bill or 20 or 50 or 100 depending what ur willing to waist on it

Love Love Love this game! I’ve played merge games before I (actually just uninstalled one)lol.But THIS merge game is quite addictive.I downloaded it from the Boints app and even though I’m no longer getting many Boints for it(about a penny for every 42 mins. played) I’m still playing cause it’s sooooooo much fun.

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