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RoadiePlan epic road trips with Roadie.

It’s a clean and simple route planner for roadtrippers and campers like you – no matter if you map out your annual cross-country road trip or you live the #vanlife dream and explore the world in your campervan. Nothing beats the freedom of the open road.

Plan your trip itinerary on an interactive map and pin as many locations on the map as you need. Search locations of attractions, trails, or national parks and save points of interest in a list. You can now add your personal notes to every stop.

See distances connecting the road trip waypoints and know the driving times between multiple stops. Easily plan your time on the road and your gas and fuel consumption.

Change the order of places to visit with an easy to use drag-and-drop. Use the app offline while you drive on the highway and never miss out on attractions and sights along your route. Start the navigation with one click in your preferred navigation app and get driving directions in Google Maps or Waze.

Share your trip (like Google My Maps)

Share your trip and collaborate with friends on finding the most interesting sights and the best places to stay the night.

Find interesting places along the route (like Roadtrippers)
Use search shortcuts to quickly find good restaurants, interesting sights or good value campsites. Type “pizza” or “beach” in the search to display these places on the map. Or just click on any place or POI in the map and add it to your list of stops or starred places.

Mark your favorite places
Star places to visit and save them for later on the interactive map. You can add a note to be reminded of why you want to visit this place. Once you are on the highway or you map out your next road trip it is easy for you to see if one of your saved places is nearby and you can add it to your route.

Export and import your route

Make backups and share your route with other Roadie users. Export and import your route data to and from GPX files.

We’re constantly updating and improving the app and its functionality. If you think something is missing or if you have any other feedback please share your idea with us. Just write an email to support[at]

Roadie user reviews :

Perfect for planning roadtrips, has many helpful features and a much better alternative to planning with maps

  • Thank you! We’re very happy that the app is useful for you.

The app is closest to my needs so far, but I can’t see what premium gives me. I can’t see if I can add stop time in rout planner, can’t see if I can amend the time for distance between stops( according to Google mostly should take more than app suggests) I can’t see suggested time of arrival to the stops and end destination..

I needed an road trip forward planning app that could do one thing, know which roads are sealed & unsealed. I’m thrilled with knowing that this app’s developers are open to suggestion, it inspires confidence that the dev’s listen & are eager to help. I’m planning a road trip to a place that only has 60% of roads sealed. I own a hatchback with alloy rims & low profile tyres. I’m keen to avoid unsealed. One of the first questions asked in setting up my profile was what sort of car will be driving

Great app, all the features I need without making it overly complicated. However there are two features I’d really appreciate: 1. View the trip on a PC via a website. Even if not all features were available it would be great to be able to see the trip on a bigger screen. 2. Share your starred places along with the trip. Maybe each person has their own list but the option to view other peoples would be great.

  • Thank you so much for your positive feedback and the valuable feedback! We really like your suggestions and will definitely consider them for our upcoming updates!

Navigation is clunky. I want to add stops to my trip but need them in a specific order. The app keeps wanting me to drive hours back past my start and/or location if I use the “smart insert” function. There is a section where you can change the order but defeats the purpose of the previously mentioned function. I do like that the free version includes a lot more stops than other apps.

  • Thanks for your feedback. The Smart Insert function should work in most scenarios. But we’re aware that it doesn’t always choose the best position to insert a new stop. We’re definitely planning on improving it.

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