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TarislandThe Blight Dragon is here! Tarisland, a new cross-platform game that brings back the fun of iconic MMORPGs, will launch soon.

Recreating the challenging dungeons and immersive exploration experience with a classic fantasy art style, Tarisland will be available on both PC and mobile with data-sharing enabled. You may choose from 9 classes and 18 specializations to customize your own builds. Raid with your group and take down epic bosses!

Class & Talent System
Inspired by the classic trio of warrior-mage-priest, the game offers up to 9 unique classes, each with 2 specializations for you to choose from.

Create Your Own Build
Each class features a flexible and extensive talent tree system, which can be easily customized for different battle scenarios and allows you to find your signature builds.

Challenge Various Dungeons & Raids
The game brings back the classic raid & dungeons system, allowing you to work with your team and take down formidable epic bosses.

Explore the Vast World
Explore the boundless game world, solve all kinds of mysteries, and enjoy your unique adventure.

Enjoy the Game on PC & Mobile
The game is available on both PC and mobile, allowing you to challenge dungeons and raids with your team anytime and anywhere.

Trade in Auction House
You can boost the development of your characters via collecting, mining, crafting, and other professions and earn gold coins by listing your items in the Auction House.

Contact Us
Official Websites: tarisglobal.com/en/home.html
Discord: discord.com/invite/yEvyYmShYT
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Tarislandofficial/
Twitter: twitter.com/Taris_Official


Tarisland user reviews :

This game is getting a lot of hate, but I’m not sure why. The gameplay is pretty solid, and has some pretty cool mechanics that I haven’t seen on any mobile MMOs. Graphics are good, performance is ok, and the monetization is fair. There are some rough edges, such as audio and meh cutscenes, but it’s honestly pretty good! I’m coming from FFXIV, which is absolutely better, but the subscription fee is no longer worth it to me, so I’m finding cheap alternatives. This seems like a solid contender!

It’s actually a really fun mobile mmo. There’s a lot of exploration, dungeons, and side activities to do and the graphics are great. I don’t understand people saying it’s pay to win because most of the microtransactions I see are for cosmetics. That said I do with the races weren’t class locked. I’d love to play my lion dude as other classes and I wish the characters had more customization options.

I’d like to enjoy it, but trying to log in half the time just loops the starting cut scene. Even if I get in, I’m freezing all the time and end up having to go through the same cut scene login loop. As for content, a mmo that lacks character customization is pathetic, gender and race locked classes atm are a real buzz kill for me personally. I know they are supposed to change at least the gender lock, but customization is still lackluster. Half of them can’t even change the eye color.

  • Dear player, thank you for your support and love! Please make sure the network is good and the device has enough storage space. If the problem remains unresolved, please contact us through in-game Customer Service. We will try our best to assist you.

Closest thing to an actual mmo I’ve played on mobile. Classes have simple but different rotations. The class I chose, berserker, has a seemingly meaningful choice in its talent tree. Gear progression is a little bland in the early levels so far but I’ll take what I can get. Performance has been fine on an old device for me. But inwont discount others poor experiences. Servers have been stable and every big game is gonna have launch issues.

Please add controller support and make it so the camera automatically rotates when you change direction. Trying to attack enemies and having to manually change the camera angle at the same time is frustrating. The graphics are good, and the game feels like a proper MMORPG, but I am disappointed with the first two things I mentioned.

In my opinion, as I find myself having a harder time being at my computer as much as I once was able. This game really scratches an itch. It is a bit under polished In some aspects, but is different from some of the other mobile mmo games where the game plays for you. So far I have not experienced any of that nonsense. I am level 14 with 2 dungeons finished and I have quite enjoyed the experience so far! I hope there’s nothing but uphill for the game from here on.

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