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[Game] Roger That – Merge Adventure

Roger ThatDiscover the islands full of pirates, treasures, and all kinds of danger in Roger That: Merge Adventure!

Merge and match everything to evolve into superior items. Complete puzzle quests and reveal new lands for your journey!

Embark on an incredible adventure with witty Roger and plucky Lotta and uncover a story rooted deep in the past! Help them reveal their families’ history with every area they restore. Where is Roger’s father? What happened to the Pirate Kingdom? To whom belongs the fort’s treasure? Which secrets Terror of Oceans’ journal hides? Each merge will reveal new discoveries to continue the adventure.

RENOVATE the abandoned capital of Pirate Kingdom, it must be brought back to life!
А board with many items that you are to MERGE to continue the adventure.
Unique locations to EXPLORE and challenging tasks.
MEET colorful characters.
UNCOVER an exciting story with surprising twists and turns!

Have you ever merged or matched clusters of identical pieces? If not, try it in Roger That: Merge Adventure! matching game. You just need to find matching items and merge them to create better ones. Match hundreds of items, build larger mansions, open unique locations, and merge the biggest combinations you can imagine!

New items are always appearing, waiting for you to match, merge, combine, and build! Cultivate valuable resources, join exciting expeditions, and travel through pirate islands to uncover mysteries — all in this adventure game.

There are surprises hiding around every corner of the kingdom, just waiting for you to find them. The secrets of a pirate island, family drama, and landscapes straight from paradise bay await you in this puzzle game!

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Roger That user reviews :

Great game,haven’t been able to put it down. The story makes you want to keep going. Graphics are ok, curiosity gets the better of you tho and you just want to know what’s behind that clump of trees/bushes or what’s under that piece of fog and what do you get if you combine these items.It sucks you in like a good game should.Keep an eye on your energy levels as each item you cut down uses energy, as far as I can see there’s no way to replenish it without spending cash. That’s the only flaw

To progress in this game is tedious and expensive if you choose to buy tokens and you get limited materials to merge and advance in the game. Takes all the fun out of it when you 45 to get 15 water for example. And that’s not the end of it because then you have to make something else to progress. Very disappointing and discouraging trying to play.

  • Hello! Thank you for your review. We’re sorry to hear you feel this way about the game. When developing Roger That, we aimed at creating challenging yet still fun gameplay. We keep working on the game and its balance, and your feedback can really help us improve it. We appreciate your input!

Nice game, but you need to pay in order to advance. Overly complicated with way to many resources to gather, just to realise that you cannot finish the campaign unless you get golden keys, meaning: pay. Pathway on map even with blocks, not very clear. The pirate campaign: It could be great, but I just cannot find sense or resources, unless I pay. So if everything is PAY PAY PAY, I will delete the game. Most games would charge £2 max for loads of resources, whilst here is £4-£5 for a 2min fun

I really enjoy this game, however getting energy/waiting for it to restore takes WAY to long. In the long run i think it will cause one to lose interest in the game because just as you start getting somewhere you’re out of energy again and not everyone can afford to just buy more all the time. Any way you can change this please?

  • Hello! Here are a few ways to get more energy in the game: 1. Visit the tavern to collect energy pieces. They can be combined for a more powerful effect; 2. When passing through other islands, you may come across energy boxes; 3. Sometimes an icon appears in the upper left corner that allows you to watch ads in exchange for energy.

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