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Roid RageRoid Rage : Collect precious Juice as you attempt to stay alive in an infinite asteroid field of ever-increasing density.

Don’t worry about the hordes of interns you kill in the process, those interns are unpaid! Plus, the Bureau of Science has all the super-fragile ships you could ever want!

Get started for FREE!
Dead-simple controls, DEATHLY DIFFICULT to play
A super-fragile starter ship with a tight turning radius
BscotchID integration: make friends, earn cross-game rewards, and join the community

Get even more by Buttering Up!
A single purchase is all it takes!
Never see ads EVER AGAIN!
Access to 3 unlockable ships (you still have to prove yourself to get them), each with its own powerup
Access premium BscotchID services: Cloud saving, cross-game Perks, and friends-only leaderboards

About the Studio
Butterscotch Shenanigans™ is an independent studio composed of three brothers. We make high-quality, often goofy, and punchy games designed to provide the most entertaining experience possible, while being fair to our players and to ourselves. Stay up to date with our studio at

We’re just three people trying to get by in a competitive market, and sometimes we make mistakes. We aren’t out to get you. If your game suddenly stops working, a purchase doesn’t go through, all your save data is suddenly lost, or you encounter a bug, our FAQ will get you to the right place:

Roid Rage user reviews :

Interesting logic play. Controls are a bit touchy but I’ve only been playing for an hour. I’ll get the hang of it. I used to play the original Asteroids game a million and a half points was average for me back then. BTW, fantastic graphics, smooth fluid movement. Perhaps you could open up the groupings a bit for a less frustrating experience? Overall great job Devs

Opinion: Love the game, fan of the studio. Happy to support. More podcast episodes pls! Facts: Its a simple concept, turn left and right. The skill comes in judgement calls on the fly, and reacting (turning) quickly enough to avoid crashing (dying.) It’s quite fun, not much in upgrades, but getting better does give a small unlockable pool of ships and characters thru a high score system. Good 10hrs if you really want to earn everything, and for $2 premium optional, well worth it if like it.

I can’t find the joy in this? Just making it turn fast in a tight radius does not make a game fun or worth the time to get used to such frustration. How the game controls work is 90% of what makes a game playable. I’m starting to see that BS devotes all energy into removing the control as we know it and replacing it with something that just doesn’t work. Once again that doesn’t make a game fun just annoying and frustrating.

The concept is great as are the graphics but even the first ship flies entirely way too fast. Has potential but just frustrates you and makes you uninstall the app. Don’t get me wrong, challenges are good but what’s the point if you can’t progress?

Frustrating at times, but relaxing in a sense as well. Controls are jaring at first but very easy to learn. Simple mechanics, but there is still a lot to do. Great game for short bursts. Been playing for years though, and still love it.

Cool game. Like bscotch Id update. Hated no having butter up status. I English like pro. Yeh.

I love the game but when I finally unlocked perks I went to go equip them and every time I click on “Perks” it pops up an error and crashes the game

This game is freakishly awesome game. thanks creators for giving us a game I have never seen before and I enjoyed it.

Good game I don’t have money so how do I butter up but the game is very fun to play but I can’t butter up witch takes the fun of getting more ships

Great game its really fun and I never get bored of it I also have two other games of your guy’s creation they are all great.

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