Romantic Frozen Ballet Life – Every moment on the stage is memorable

[Game] Romantic Frozen Ballet Life

Romantic Frozen Ballet LifeWinter is not just about cold, and you will absolutely love it if you love the snow.

Elza, a ballerina, has always been dreaming of winning a ballet show. Don’t ever think that is just a piece of cake, actually every single detail counts. She has to do a lot of training over and over again before the event, find a decent outfit, do a nice hairstyle, do a proper makeup, and most importantly design a pair of ballet shoes. Come on, she got a lot to do, you gotta do her a favor.


8 mini games offer you endless fun
Fine makeup, delicate hairstyles, nice outfits, elegant ballet shoes… we got everything for the show.
DIY a pair of your own dance shoes
Wanna design your own perfect shoes for the event? We know you are talented.
Brilliant dance moves to stun the audience
To bend, to rise, to stretch, to glide… show us what you’ve got to surprise everyone.
Capture all the sweet moments with your partner
Every moment on the stage is memorable. Capture all of them and share to people all over the world.

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Romantic Frozen Ballet Life user reviews :

This game is pretty good. I appreciate it. In the first few days iteas amaizing but there are a few points in which I am highly disatified with this game. 1) I don’t know whether its something wrong with my phone but switching on data slow it down. 2) The last days of the game was so annoying and we have to wait for a long time for it to load and sometimes we find it difficult to go and do something. 3)Most of the dresses are there to be taken by watchong an add.

I love this game I have this game before when I was little but yeah it’s the best game ever you have a bunch of dresses you can choose from well not a bunch but I mean a good amount there’s a bunch of shoes you can do makeup but the thing is that they just need to add a little more dresses and all the other stuff that you dress up with otherwise a great game

This game is so much fun to play . It helps me in my pastime .but one thing is that this game has only two things unlocked in every makeup and dressup kits . The only way to unlock those things is to waste the coins …

This game is, AWESOME! acutally when I was a kid I just downloaded this.. And it was awesome! I just.. Though it will be another 2d games.. But this was DIFFERENT! I Will recommend this app to the others, it’s 3d! Also you will dance and you can dress up and well, do anything with dances, you can do just anything! I’m can’t wait to download it again!

It’s do good and you can even like dress her up in the game and I don’t really know how to say it but the game is pretty amazing and you are so talented at creating girl games and you can even customize your own skating 🛼 ballet  shoes and keep up the good magnificent work!

I like how there is slow motion to give you enough time to shoot the enemies, I also like that the shooter does many tricks before shooting. It’s very stilish and cool.

Fun game, that’s all I got to say about it. I read a few reviews, main complaint being the ads. When I downloaded the game, I knew there were gonna be a lot of ads, ads you had to watch to earn cosmetics, skins etc.

I love this game because well there is a person or a girl that you can you give a new dress to it and you can well I don’t know play on the skates and it’s pretty good I like to make up games because it’s very good thank you for making this game really think and anyway I just love it when we can give some new dresses new hairstyles and makeup and whenever she plays ballet that’s pretty good and that’s why I came all the stars thank you for making this game

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