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[Game] S class Heroine

S class HeroineEsperia Kingdom’s poster

We invite precious adventurers to our humble game.

A helpful story when read
The Last Princess Ella who revived with the pendant. And the lost colleagues.
Of course, we’ll be able to meet them again! Ella another universe!
Interact with Ella from another dimension, meet precious colleagues, and become the strongest!
Today, April 28, 390, I, Princess Ella, starts another adventure.
Raise your own S-rank female character in the multiverse world!

Features of raising an S-class female character!
Advocating for infinite growth of idle game
A high-quality RPG that will ease your eyes tired from low-quality games.
The pleasure of breakthrough action and the fun of farming a torrent of items
How many avatars are you raising? Choose how many to raise according to your taste
A solid RPG with many things that are there and not many things that are not there.

Interact with various avatars! Enjoy your new skills!
You can acquire unique avatars through missions?!
Each avatar has brilliant skills, equipment, and even explosive growth!

Breakthrough action that breaks through enemies without hesitation!
Breakthrough! Onwards! Pleasure! Action!
Grow endlessly with refreshing sense of action!

Become stronger by exploring dungeons!
Unique dungeons! Various growth rewards!
Defeat monsters with my own strategies!

Gather charming colleagues and form an S-class party!
If you work with your colleagues, your abilities will grow quickly!
Team up with colleagues who fit your unique avatar! Find the strongest avatar combination!


Access rights guidance
Selective access rights
Camera: Required for photo and video uploads.
Photos/media/file: Required to save images, upload photos and videos.
You can use the service even if you do not agree to grant of access.

Support Specifications
Resolution: All devices supported, including Galaxy Fold 3
RAM: 3 GB or more
Capacity: At least 300 MB of free space
OS: Android 10 or higher recommended

S class Heroine user reviews :

If you have played more than one idle game before, than you already played one that play exactly the same as this one. This is as generic as an idle game can be, this game was made to make some quick bucks, and that’s all.

  • Thank you for playing our game and leaving comments. We’ll work harder to improve what we’re lacking. We will continue to develop to provide good games.

I can’t even play the game bc it kicks me out of it just because I have an auto clicker. I’m not even going to use it in this game. Developers remove that because I’m not deleting my auto clicker.

  • I’m sorry to have troubled you. Please reinstall the game and check it out.

(its fine now ! ) I try rollback update my device infinix! And yeah game fine . *try instal and open the game but pop out appear and Game detected my device use 3rd party .

  • If you have rooted, macro apps installed that may affect gameplay, please note that they are difficult to run.

It crashes and doesn’t work…..

  • I’m sorry to have troubled you. Please tell us more about the problem during gameplay, or contact daeri.help[at]gmail.com with a screenshot of the problem symptoms and [game name/nickname] information, and we’ll check and guide you.

can’t even open the app lmao edit : and now still can’t load the freakin game, pleaaseee

  • We sincerely apologize for not providing you with a smooth gaming experience. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible about the issue you reported. If possible, please reinstall the game and check if you are logged in to the Google store normally.

Cant even play at launch great realease

  • We sincerely apologize for not providing you with a smooth gaming experience. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible about the issue you reported.

i won’t let me play just because i have a system modifying app, the only people that doesnt have apps like those are the ones that doesn’t explore their gadgets capabilities

  • I’m sorry to have troubled you. Please reinstall the game and check it out. We will try to give more satisfaction and fun to the users.

I understand it’s a new game and will still need work. The lag and constant shutting down is the only problem right now. Love the different avatars and how each one gives different abilities. Lots of features to still unlock. The gameplay is super simple. Good job!

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