Room Escape Pinocchio – Escape from the world of fairy tales

[Game] Room Escape Pinocchio

Room Escape Pinocchio Escape game Pinocchio Escape

You can play 3 stages based on the story of Pinocchio.
With easy controls and a level of difficulty that is not too difficult, anyone can enjoy it.
Let’s escape from the world of fairy tales.

How to operate

Tap the part you care about on the screen → You can move.
Tap the arrow at the bottom of the screen to move to the previous screen.
You can select the acquired items displayed at the top by tapping and zoom by double tapping.
You can use the item by tapping the screen while tapping the item.
Various functions such as camera, hints, and settings can be used from the sidebar.

With the camera button, you can shoot and save the places you care about.
If you get stuck in solving a mystery, you can check the hints and answers by watching the advertisement from the hint button.

Music material

Escape game developer Planning Development Graphic design: Nakayubi Corporation Co., Ltd.
Twitter: @HarukiRyohei @NAKAYUBI_CORP
instagram: @nakayubi_corp

Room Escape Pinocchio user reviews :

Most puzzles are fairly easy, so this is more of a relaxing game than a challenge. One thing you might want to know is when it shows a disappearing “A” and a crossed out “A” beside it, think instead of an A that stays and a “K” that gets crossed out AND disappears. I think there was an animation mistake there. Overall, this is a short, but fun, little adventure!

This game had great graphics and a good story. Obviously, there’s ads like any free game, but I wish they had more levels! It was very addicting, especially if you’re into escape games. It wasn’t too hard, but also made you think.

Not very challenging, if you want a more chilled out escape game this is nice, music is cute as well. One problem with the 3rd level that many people pointed out here is the disappearing A and crossed out A. Think about crossing out consonants instead.

I honestly loved and enjoyed each moment of the game. The ads are quite short and are not a nuisance compared to other games. It was fun and the graphics were amazing. I just wish there were more levels but gg!

Pinocchio Escape is a wonderful gameplay with unique features and design better than the usual NAKAYUBI escape collection. It used a darker undertone for its atmosphere and designed with better graphics. The puzzles have been upgraded but are still similar to the older versions (which is what I preferred), because all these facts mentioned above are it’s uniqueness. Loved it! Thank you NAKAYUBI CORPORATION for creating this new masterpiece! Looking forward to many more creations in the future!

A good escape game in general. Though a few fixes are needed: – Hints/answers are not working. The adverts do not work at all. if you get stuck only with online walkthrough you can move on. – “Congratulation” is wrong. It should be fixed to “Congratulations”

Beautifully done mini scenes from a beloved tale. Puzzles are great & hints available for watching ads. Smooth gameplay, lovely music, witty puzzles, beautiful artwork. Well done & thank you! Always ready for the next!!!

Good fun! Game only 45+ minutes tho. I loved the graphics+design! A bit drab (brown), some brightness or colour would make it perfect. Hope there will be more levels added…

Short and sweet game. Always love the puzzles in the Nakayubi games! They’re very rarely too difficult to understand, and even rarer still are they still confusing when you get a hint. Very fun!

I love it ! I like the soundtracks and the graphics , and how the story line is somehow connected ~ if i would want to change somthing tho it would be that how its still too similler to nakayubi’s escabe rooms and exits game , maybe a little change in how puzzles work out would make it more interesting next time ~ ? Btw I love your games so much ! Keep going

The puzzles are pretty much the same type as in EXiTS only they’re “darker” on this one I always think there’s something sinister about Pinnochio The cave in the last scene looked like the inside of the intestine tract I love how some of the puzzles made you feel that your IQ was betraying you and hope you can make more scenes in this game and EXiTS (not just the monthly and daily games) Thank you for creating such intriguing games

It is a fun game . Absolutely loved it . New graphics but similar strategy . It has 3 levels or rooms . It is a good puzzle game . Absolutely love nakayubi games.

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